Scalian, a group of specialists



Combine a Top-Down structuring approach with the control of operational activities to mobilize the collective and continuously maximize value creation. Scalian draws on its experience to provide a global vision of the company’s operation and processes and enable it to implement rapid, agile transformation.

Diagnosis and Definition of the Objectives

  • Identification of issues and challenges
  • Definition of the objectives, methodology and action plan, based on existing practices, know-how and resources that will be the driving forces of the project

Reorganization et Transformation

Support for transformation and reorganization projects through process redefinition, rapid implementation of interface management and governance tools and practices.

Agile Transformation 

Support in the implementation of business transformation approaches in Agile mode and transformation approaches aimed at making the company agile.

Management 3.0

Supporting managers in the implementation of Agile management processes and practices:

  • ability to anticipate,
  • cooperation,
  • continuous innovation,
  • optimization of the “controlled costs – created value” mix,
  • widespread customer culture,
  • complexity on a human scale,
  • an innovation-oriented culture that makes it a desired ally rather than a feared enemy