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Values and commitments

Let your talents shine in a group that gives room for specialisation, curiosity and innovation

We have experts in high value-added fields working on complex projects throughout France and the world. Every year, a thousand talented new recruits join us. Some 95% of them are engineers. They interact with more than 20 specialist communities and centres of excellence, and benefit from more than 1,700 training courses per year. They are supported by 150 managers, including more than 100 local managers. All this is built around a culture of respect, commitment and innovation!

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Get a clear picture of your career path

Whether you are a candidate, future trainee or employee, we believe it is essential for you to meet with our teams. Putting a face to a name and rapidly establishing a dialogue is the best way for us to move forward together. Regardless of your situation, our recruitment, onboarding and career paths are transparent and structured. Our support approach is based on a local presence, responsiveness, high standards and a concern for continuous improvement.

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Listening & paying attention

Looking after everyone. To be as close as possible to everyone’s expectations, in order to offer a secure, flexible and caring working environment.

We have deployed a local management system that takes the form of regular meetings: HR listening sessions, meetings within the agencies/teams, inclusion initiatives, disability advisors, etc. A network to enable everyone to find the right balance.

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Inspiring and finding meaning

Taking part in meaningful missions, getting involved in innovative projects, being inspired by others.

Joining a community, learning from the experience of others, discovering new practices, learning or improving… Scalian offers a variety of opportunities and means to enable everyone to find or give meaning to their professional or personal commitment.

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Helping you grow

Offering you a learning ecosystem where you can develop your skills and knowledge.

Developing skills and knowledge is at the heart of our strategy. Knowing where you are in your development and enabling you to go further. Providing you with the means to develop a new skill, to share it. Supporting you in a change of direction, an evolution, a mobility project. All this is possible at Scalian, thanks to the deployment of a range of systems, including Scalian Academy Learning Services, our training organisation.

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Your career

Shaping the professional you want to be

By joining Scalian you are choosing to team up with other men and women who are passionate about their jobs. In turn, you will be given the chance to experiment and try new experiences to enrich your career, if you wish. We believe that your career path should be guided by an attentive, protective, friendly environment, because professional fulfilment is fundamental to our team.

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