Other industries

Many sectors are facing the challenge of keeping information secure and digitising their processes, while at the same time ensuring sustainable business continuity.

Tous les secteurs d'activité sont concernés par des questions de digitalisation et de transition écologique

Sustaining the value chain

Guaranteeing production-line safety, selecting raw materials, finding greener alternatives, improving quality or reducing the carbon footprint: data can help at every step, by providing the right information or ensuring product traceability.

The food industry, OEMs and many others are affected by these issues. For their business needs or for their own markets, these industries need to adapt to ensure their growth.

José Gramdi, Lecturer-researcher at Troyes University of Technology, shares his analysis.

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Digital technologies reinventing industry

Des équipements connectés pour plus de protection

Parade is changing its business model and for the past four years, Scalian has been assisting it with the digital dimension of its transformation project. The aim is to provide a fall detection and warning device embedded in a shoe for lone workers. Scalian developed the application for managing these connected objects.

Analyse du cycle de vie d'un chauffe-eau solaire

Scalian supported the project leader in application of the French AGEC Act on waste reduction, in a pilot case for the circular economy on Reunion Island. Scalian initiated and followed up the ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) statement for reconditioned solar water heaters with the French scientific and technical centre for the construction industry (CSTB). A life cycle assessment (LCA) of the reconditioned solar water heater was also conducted to highlight its environmental footprint.

La supervision pour gérer des parcs de véhicules autonomes

Scalian developed a supervision system for a transport company’s autonomous shuttle fleets. The project concerns development of the system’s back end.

Projet OPAIR

Development of the OPAIR solution allowing the visualization in augmented reality of the buried networks and the information relative to the networks with the required precision in order to better prepare the works and to ensure always more effectiveness and safety for the intervening agents.

Scalian supports the leaders of many other industries


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