The health crisis has highlighted the need to review supply chains, rethink the deployment of resources and organise e-health. At the same time, we are seeing the emergence of new players, such as biotech and medtech, and new practices. Production and research are reorganising… and drawing upon new areas of know-how.

Santé et Environnement, deux secteurs interdépendants

Planning for crises and protecting health

More than ever, data and AI are at the heart of investments in the health industry: digital health platforms and new solutions for telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, data analysis based on machine learning and big data, and the prevention of supply chain risk… with the emphasis on the key issue of cybersecurity.

The global crisis has shown how essential health is to our daily lives. A booming sector that must remain at the service of the common good.

Odile Peixoto, Director of BVA’s health department, shares her analysis.

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Protecting and preserving life

IA pour détecter des virus

Development and implementation of AI models for Covid-19 detection in positive and negative patients, combining an analytical model of blood sample variables with an image processing model that includes 14 clinical outcomes (types of internal lung damage caused by Covid), severity and evolution. The solutions then give a full patient diagnosis. Use of machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and predictive model technologies.

Des systèmes automatisés pour les opérations de contrôle de la fabrication pharmaceutique

Design and qualification of automated systems for monitoring operations in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The aim is to ensure that production complies with client specifications and market health standards.

Les pratiques agiles pour gérer le changement

Change management to support the organisational transformation of the MSAT department at GSK Vaccines, through the development of an agile culture and practices.

Plateau de services IT pour le secteur de la santé

Service platform offering various services such as: application validation, business / deployment / user support, quality / process, laboratory equipment qualification, software engineering, corrective maintenance and upgrades, etc.

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