Audit can no longer be summed up as control. So what is it exactly?
Bénéficier d'une expertise audit spécifique à vos métiers

An effective organisation goes hand in hand with well-controlled processes, procedures and capacities

In a highly competitive world and a complex regulatory environment, audit can no longer be confined to control. Our in-depth understanding of our clients’ operational challenges enables us to assist them as a technical and consulting partner.

Audit and evaluation of organisations become continuous processes that help guide choices within projects and organisations

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Audit according to Scalian

Our approach

The relationship of trust between stakeholders remains essential, especially as digital innovation becomes increasingly important. Remote auditing, use of augmented reality, data extraction and analysis are all levers to be activated to optimise organisations.

Our experience and our specialities enable us to support our clients in the following areas:

Organisation management

Certification & diagnosis

  • Quality (ISO 9001, EN 9100, ISO/TS, ISO 19443, etc.)
  • Environment (ISO 14001 standard)
  • Safety (OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001 standards)
  • Social responsibility (CSR ISO 26000)
  • Regulatory (Part 21/145, REACh, GDPR, etc.)

Diagnosis & evaluation

  • Project management (PMBOK)
  • Life cycle analysis (LCA, ISO 14040, etc.)
  • GHG/Bilan Carbone®
  • Energy balance
  • Information security (ISO 27000)

Products & Services

Production processes & Industrialisation

  • Technical design capability (TDCA)
  • APQP assessment
  • Product/process audit
  • Service/Contract execution audits
  • Load – capacity audits
  • Run at Rate audit

Special processes

  • Heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly, composites, etc.
  • Non-destructive testing


Industrial maturity

  • CMMI
  • IPCA+, TopScan
  • VDA 6.0
  • SCMH


  • Overall maturity according to the Scalian reference framework on all or some of the three levels:
  • Strategic (e.g. supply chain assessment)
  • Tactical (e.g. flow assessment)
  • Operational (e.g. waste assessment)

Our method

Based on your objectives, our audit experts draw on their experience and intervene according to a structured and proven method.

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Benoît Tridon

Industrial Performance Service Line Director

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