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Your specialist partner in transformation, implementation and execution of operations. We boost performance in complex, diverse environments.
La performance des opérations au service de votre développement

How can you reconcile your challenges of competitiveness, growth, CSR, innovation and digitisation?

We offer our clients three dimensions of forward-looking, pragmatic and long-term responses to their sectoral, technological and organisational changes by: transforming, implementing and executing.

Our extensive expertise in standards and processes and our ability to adapt our services are part of our DNA, helped by our in-depth knowledge of the field and of our clients’ issues and culture, while always considering the human factor.

Management Consulting according to Scalian

Scalian is an industry and services specialist recognised for its reliability and competitiveness, operating at strategic, tactical and operational levels applied to all core business functions.


Its combination of business and consulting expertise enables it to transform production models and therefore:

  • Develop new services and drivers of growth
  • Undertake sectoral benchmarking
  • Design intelligent systems to support processes
  • Define new purchasing or product launch policies
  • Assess industrial maturity and environmental footprint


As part of the deployment of a medium-term strategy, Scalian can implement proven and adaptive solutions for:

  • Improving operating income
  • Structuring and deploying the governance of programmes and projects
  • Optimising the value chain
  • Mastering legal and contractual aspects
  • Assessing whether structural changes are firmly embedded


In the longer term, Scalian provides support in executing client processes in order to:

  • Optimise costs
  • Ensure continuity of service
  • Safeguard operations
  • Enable its clients to focus on their core business

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