Industry of the future

How can we make this work in the long term?
Industrie du futur ou industrie 4.0

Expanding the horizon of possibilities

Transformation is often associated with technology. However, this is only a means to an end. Using it to serve a strategy underpinned by methods and processes means generating value over the long term. The “Industry of the Future” places industrial production in an evolving and multidimensional system.

The Industry of the Future places industrial production in a scalable and multidimensional internal/external ecosystem.

The Industry of the Future according to Scalian

Turn the 4.0 corner

Industry 4.0 is more interconnected, more agile and even more innovative. The Digital Transformation, beyond “methods and processes“, whether brought about by the shopfloor or by management, has already entered the industrial environment.

But even when you have the “sequences” and tactics available, putting the measures into practice should be the primary goal of any strategy, because there is a limit to resources and budgets. The road to Industry 4.0 often raises more questions than it answers:

  • Where do you start to initiate technological change: match between the new business model and the operational model?
  • How can the resulting change be deployed at all your plants?
  • How do you use a Digilab to move from proof of technology to proof of usage?
  • How do you manage all this data? What kind of data governance?
  • How can you change your processes, and with which tools, to improve performance, efficiency or added human value?

Once identified the key issues for your business, you are in a good position to evaluate the different digital transformation alternatives that are available to you. These alternatives can range from front-end transformation such as products and customer experiences to back-end transformation such as cloud and IT infrastructure. Defining priorities, celebrating successes and facing obstacles, helps to make this a shared reality for the benefit of all our areas of expertise.


Outside the comfort zone

Each project must serve a strategic goal.Help companies sort through the new digital technologies available to them in order to select those that will bring them new levels of performance, efficiency and value creation.

The selected goals must, by definition, be outside their comfort zones, i.e. continuous improvement or “lean” goals. These goals are often reduced to “siloed” technical issues, but Industry 4.0 is not just about technology: it is about inventing another way of working together.

This involves applying a 360° view to extract all that digital technologies can contribute in the industrial sector. Scalian’s functional methodology is designed to assist you with this change. At Scalian, we have our own technical and methodological know-how (methods such as R2R©, OuDiPo© and SCMP©), which we draw on primarily for digital technologies such as big data, AI, simulation, augmented reality, cloud & web services, IT security, digital applications to imagine 3U solutions.

Reconciling strategic vision & shopfloor initiatives

The key to turning words into action is to bring both management and operational teams on board. Which strategy to choose?

Some examples below:

  • Redesigning products and experience
  • Building a digital ecosystem
  • Monetising data from IOT data
  • Transforming product operations and production

Reconciling top/down and bottom/up approaches: achieving objectives by relying on the transverse axis of digital transformation, where we consider humans as the central players, and value management and iteration as methodological pillars. Starting from the company’s heading, this reconciliation proposes keeping only what has the greatest value, within an iterative circle. This control only makes sense if this value is itself shared between all the players. Our team combines a global governance strategy with technological tools and prioritises the essence of the iterative approach, always keeping in mind the pragmatic question: “What works well and has most value?

Our approach is to design, define and implement the changes as a series of value-driven projects to reconcile the target (Coporate Vision) with the business needs to deliver the opportunities and maximize the investment. The aim is to put in place mechanisms so as to be able to cancel or stop projects if they no longer provide the expected value.


Services & Solutions

  • Assessing your digital maturity
  • Conducting individual or group interviews
  • Benchmarks of similar companies
  • Customer journey workshop/identification of new customer experiences
  • Comex and Executive Vice President facilitation
  • Development of an acceleration action plan
  • Development of a roadmap
  • Define and implement strategic communication
  • Evaluate, define the Value criteria of the “project initiatives” on which to continue investing
  • Training programmes/Change Management/Communication with Management/Middle Management/Operationals

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