Bilan Carbone®

In view of the climate challenges we face, the Bilan Carbone® process can be the starting point for any approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Evaluer l'impact carbone d'une entreprise avec le bilan carbone

Start your low-carbon transition now to ensure your company’s resilience

All production and service activities emit greenhouse gases. However, taking all the contributing players and processes into account can be complex, especially when calculating indirect emissions.

Bilan Carbone® is a rigorous emissions accounting methodology that facilitates the identification of all significant items and highlights their interdependencies.

Bilan Carbone®  according to Scalian

Our approach

Scalian is a member of the ABC.

In this respect, we benefit from the latest Bilan Carbone® methodologies and tools, including Bilan Carbone+ software. This means we can help our clients achieve compliance by producing their greenhouse gas emissions reports (BEGES), and in their low-carbon transition. We can tailor our offers to your needs.

Scalian has more than ten years of experience in environmental and occupational health & safety issues.

Scalian is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Scalian’s proposed methodology for conducting a Bilan Carbone® is structured into several steps, and involves previously identified leaders and contacts on our clients’ sites.

These activities are modular and can be tailored to our clients’ needs. They may include, for example, awareness-raising or training modules.

The Bilan Carbone® is designed to be compatible with most international emissions accounting methods – BEGES, ISO 14069, GHG Protocol, etc. – and can therefore also be used for activities outside France.

Advantages and benefits

A Bilan Carbone® or regulatory BEGES has numerous advantages:

  • Identification: You can identify your significant emissions (including indirect emissions) and analyse the effectiveness of reduction action plans.
  • Achieving compliance: By communicating your results in the regulatory BEGES format: the Act on the publication of greenhouse gas emissions data is in the process of being amended. In France, a reporting obligation on all indirect emissions (Scope 3) is currently under consideration. For help in pre-empting these regulatory changes, don’t hesitate to contact us!
  • Adapting: The Bilan Carbone® determines your company’s vulnerability to variations in fossil fuel prices or to the introduction of a GHG tax.
  • Activating: The Bilan Carbone® is an excellent way to identify and activate your drivers of diversification. It also enables you to raise your employees’ awareness of energy and climate issues, and to develop a real corporate culture around these challenges. On completion of the assessment, the identified action plans will also enable you to stand out from your competitors by communicating your approach to your clients.

Bilan Carbone® (Carbon accounting)

The Bilan Carbone® process was developed by ADEME in 2004. In view of its success, this methodology was transferred in 2011 to a fully dedicated structure: the Association Bilan Carbone (ABC).

In addition to providing GHG management tools, of which the Bilan Carbone® is a part, the ABC’s mission is to bring together expertise and stakeholders of the low-carbon transition.

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