Simulation solutions

Our speciality: designing customised solutions for simulation, scientific computing tools, virtual reality and mixed reality.
Nos solutions sur mesure de simulation numérique

Simulating reality to improve your performance

Over the years, we have gained significant expertise in simulation, building customised products to meet specific needs.

In order to respond to new uses, we have developed solutions combining this in-house expertise with virtual and mixed reality technologies.

Simulation solutions according to Scalian

Our approach

Production of customised simulation software

Synthetic environments

We design customised environment simulation software for the scaling, design and validation of surveillance and observation systems using different sensors (sonar, radar, visible, infrared, etc.).

Crisis and accident management

We develop products and solutions to help decision-makers manage crises and pollution incidents. In particular, we work on dispersion of pollutants (oil, gas and CBRN) in the atmosphere and marine environment.

Scientific computing and high-performance computing

More than 20 years of technical and scientific experience have shaped our expertise in human machine interfaces, data visualisation and processing, high-performance computing and applied mathematics. We can assist our clients in producing their scientific software, from ex-nihilo creation through to the industrialisation of an existing solution.

Virtual reality

Real-time 3D applications

We build complete training simulators integrating highly representative business modules for communication, training, operations preparation, virtual tours, etc.

Mixed reality

Enriching reality

We create mixed reality applications for multiple platforms (Android, IOS, HoloLens), with a constant technology watch on this booming market, particularly on:

  • Multi-user experience and new use cases
  • High-precision geolocation for outdoor applications
  • Display of complex digital model data (3D terrain, manufactured objects, etc.)
  • Managing the display of large volumes of 3D data, typically from CAD software

Our method

Products and a design office to support your projects

Synthetic environments

Our teams have developed environment simulation products for the sizing, design and development of surveillance and observation systems (visible & IR bands, radar/EM, sonar).

These environment simulation tools can be used for training, or for getting to grips with complex systems.

  • SIMSON: Sonar image simulator for developing processing algorithms and training operators
  • SEAMOTION: Marine-scene simulator for sizing and designing maritime surveillance systems
  • MOCEM: Radar signature simulator for developing radar image-processing algorithms


In our design office, we use our tools to generate learning databases, which then help develop image-processing algorithms based on AI technologies.

Setting up R&T projects

We have forged many partnerships and collaborations over the years. We can set up and carry out collaborative projects in various fields.

  • DGA schemes (PTD)
  • Collaborative projects certified by competitiveness clusters
  • CITEPH projects
  • CNES R&T projects
  • European projects
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Jérôme Graindorge

Simulation Center of Excellence Director

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