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The environment is a key issue, with an impact on all human activities. In order to change behaviour and to comply with regulations, companies need to create innovative, sustainable, people-friendly systems.

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L'environnement, un enjeu pour tous les secteurs d'activité


The aeronautical sector is one of the most advanced in terms of research and innovation, and is also affected by climate issues. It all needs reinventing, from production through to the associated services.

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Depuis plus de 30 ans, nous œuvrons pour les grands donneurs d'ordre de l'aéronautique


The automotive sector is going through unprecedented change. Environmental challenges, a globalised supply chain and new uses mean that the sector has to reinvent itself.

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L'automobile opère une révolution industrielle

Banking and Insurance

A forerunner in digitising its infrastructure and services, this sector has completed its digital transformation and is experiencing an incredible technological revolution with bitcoin, blockchain and AI. But the story does not end there…

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Une transformation digitale mature pour le secteur Banque et Assurance

Defence and Security

This sector faces numerous challenges: how to secure people, data, systems, infrastructure, etc. In a rapidly changing global environment, maintaining your technological edge is critical.

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All sectors here are going through unprecedented change. Faced with issues of climate change, significant help from innovation will be needed to solve problems of generation, storage, etc.

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The main challenges facing the rail sector are how to modernise infrastructure and rolling stock, simplify services and integrate technological innovations to remain an attractive proposition.

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Le secteur ferroviaire en pleine mutation

Other industries

Many sectors are facing the challenge of keeping information secure and digitising their processes, while at the same time ensuring sustainable business continuity.

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La transformation digitale est d'actualité dans tous les secteurs d'activité


Private players are revolutionising access to space. They are opening up new development opportunities in space exploration, which will also benefit every business sector on Earth.

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A profound change is taking place in the telecoms sector. The advent of 5G and broadband, combined with growing demand for new and more innovative online services, are putting the sector under pressure.

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De nouvelles capacités pour de nouveaux services


The health crisis has highlighted the need to review supply chains, rethink the deployment of resources and organise e-health. At the same time, we are seeing the emergence of new players, such as biotech and medtech, and new practices. Production and research are reorganising… and drawing upon new areas of know-how.

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Les technologies numériques de pointe pour trouver des solutions durables

Retail and Services

Data is strategic to these sectors, whether for devising new client experiences or creating increasingly personalised services for their BtoB or consumer market targets.

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Les secteurs de la distribution et des services en pleine transformation digitale