IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure is at the crossroads of all the changes companies go through. Systems, networks and security must be organised to adapt more effectively to the challenges of digital technology.

Combining service quality and security

Digital technology is pushing through a radical transformation of infrastructure: Big Data, AI, mobility, the Cloud, etc. are forcing companies to adapt in order to keep abreast of rapidly changing practices.

It is vital to be able to move quickly while ensuring service quality and system and data security. These numerous challenges can be overcome with a tailored, specific intervention.

IT infrastructure according to Scalian

Our approach

Our approach consists in accompanying our clients in their needs via our two areas of expertise, i.e. consulting and engineering and our service centres.

Consulting and engineering

Networks & Telecom

In order to guarantee a high level of reliability and performance for our clients, our experts design, deploy and maintain their network architectures.

  • Local area network / LAN
  • Network operator / WAN
  • Fixed and mobile telephones


Our teams provide day-to-day support for all your infrastructure development operations, in-service maintenance and automation of activities.

  • Windows & Linux
  • DevOps
  • Mainframe


We can address all issues related to the security of information systems, projects or programmes – whether human, technical or organisational.

  • System and network security
  • Training and awareness-raising on best practices
  • Expertise


With more than 15 years of experience, our teams have real expertise in support and its challenges in terms of supervision (KPI, SLA), customer relationship management, organisation and tools.

  • Analysis of the initial situation
  • Tailored advice
  • A commitment to results

Service centre

Security Operation Centre (SOC)

To protect themselves from threats, companies have turned to the massive deployment of security solutions that report a phenomenal amount of information. In order to process all this data, our SOC relies on powerful SIEM to detect suspicious behaviour, trigger alerts and therefore significantly increase overall IS protection.

  • IS monitoring, log analysis and correlation
  • Forensics & crisis management
  • Vulnerability monitoring, CSIRT

Managed Infrastructure

Leveraged by our know-how in systems, networks and security, our service centre routinely manages requests and incidents, provides in-service maintenance, and administers or supervises Cloud or legacy infrastructures. Our clients can then focus on their core business and control their operating costs.

  • IT outsourcing
  • Hosting

Technical support

We have over 15 years of experience in client support, and handle over 8,000 tickets per month across multiple areas. We are committed to quality processing and client satisfaction.

  • Effective organisation
  • Supervision and continuous improvement
  • A solid grasp of the methodology

Our method

Our motto: quality, responsiveness and a sense of service for optimum customer satisfaction!

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