Digital Technologies

We capture data in raw, complex or critical environments and process, analyse and add value to these data to allow for their retrieval in secure, user-friendly environments to support decision-making or innovative services.

How can technology be used to implement transformation?

From data management in the design of embedded, autonomous or critical systems, to technology selection and validation of information systems, we help our clients develop more innovative products and implement more appropriate processes.

Your systems are our speciality: whether complex, embedded and critical, autonomous, simulation, test or information.

Digital Technologies according to Scalian

Our approach

We have developed specialities in systems. Whether they are embedded and critical, autonomous, information systems or intended for simulation or test facilities, we support our clients in their most complex projects.

Critical embedded systems

Scalian is a specialist in critical embedded systems, simulation, and test facilities, and develops projects for leading companies in the aerospace, defence, security, energy and environment sectors. Its vast range of innovative solutions can be used to develop sophisticated, flexible and upgradeable processes and tools based on industry best practices.

Information systems

Its ability to understand organisational challenges enables Scalian to work with its clients on transformation projects, in the deployment of functional and digital solutions, and in IT outsourcing and support activities.

Our method

We adapt our intervention method to the context of the project: V-cycle, agile methods, etc., our experts operate with professionalism and rigour to guarantee the results expected by our clients.

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