Contract Management

What is more binding than a contract? An entire life cycle to be mastered to guarantee financial and relational optimisation.
La performance des opérations au service de votre développement

Safeguard the management of your contracts through the methodical coordination of your resources and processes

Did you know? It costs five times more to formalise a contract with a new prospect than to retain an existing supplier.

Maintaining a healthy long-term relationship with contractual parties is essential.

The legal dimension is even more complex if you are operating in a competitive international environment.

Contract Management according to Scalian

The scope of Contract Management

Life cycle of the contract

The five key steps to master are creation, negotiation, validation, execution, renewal and closure. This requires specialist legal, financial and project management skills.

Contract Management expertise


Our method

Our Contract Management specialists will support you throughout the entire process:

Methodical coordination of resources and processes

Quickly getting to grips with our clients’ processes and tools is an asset for optimal project follow-up.

Risk control

Risks are anticipated, measured and weighted to ensure immediate responsiveness to any hazard.

Financial and relational optimisation

To reduce the share of the provision that will actually be consumed and therefore maximise the project’s financial status.

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