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Let your talent shine in a group that places the emphasis on specialisation, curiosity and innovation.

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Our history and DNA have led to Scalian’s identity and culture being built around three solid markers:

1- An entrepreneurial adventure that began over 30 years ago and is constantly evolving
2- A reputation as a specialist
3- A regional presence, to meet our clients’ needs as closely as possible and develop local employment

At Scalian, our complementary characteristics make us unique:

  • An entrepreneurial spirit combined with specialist rigour and reliability
  • Dynamic performance and agility combined with independence, strength and sustainability

Become a Consultant or Engineer at Scalian

Whether you’re a consultant or an engineer, your mindset counts at Scalian.
Caroline Nancy, the Group’s HR Director, explains…

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Caroline Nancy, Group HR Director, talks about Scalian

A culture of respect, fulfilment and innovation

Specifically, what does this mean on a day-to-day basis? We offer you a working environment where you will be able to:

  • work effectively and closely with your colleagues and contacts
  • consolidate your skills and improve your knowledge through our in-house training academy
  • be a part of specialist communities that enable you to interact with other experts and share methods and technologies, in order to think outside the box and innovate for yourself and your clients
  • map out your personalised career path, based on the development of your skills and expertise, and your assignments
  • benefit from attractive HR and social assistance that supports health, safety, work-life balance, flexibility, parenthood and equality in the workplace

Our commitments in figures


annual budget of the Innovation Lab, excluding projects and external funding (Scalian Management)


of our employees feel they are treated fairly (regarding ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability) (Scalian France GPTW survey)


of our employees consider the working atmosphere to be friendly (Scalian France GPTW survey)

A framework consistent with our values

We are constantly seeking to improve our social policies and stand by our societal commitments.

  1. Work/life: teleworking is an integral part of our organisation, and benefits everyone.
  2. Social security coverage: we offer competitive health and life insurance schemes to help you deal with misfortune. A group pension scheme enables you to save based on the days in your Time Savings Account (CET).
  3. Parents: depending on where you live, you may have access to daycare for your children.
  4. Good citizenship: reimbursement of travel expenses through bicycle mileage allowances. Electric bike rentals co-funded by Scalian to fulfil its CSR responsibilities.

Everyone lending a hand!

If you want to turn words into deeds and embody our values, then take action.

  1. Carbon offsetting: plant trees through our partnership with Forest’Action. Since 2019, more than 6000 trees have been planted.
  2. Responsible actions: take part in the initiatives led by our agencies. Collections, cleaning up your computers, green spaces, donation of food baskets, etc.
  3. Skills sponsorship: lend your expertise to one of the associations we support.

In 2023, the Scalian economic and social unit* achieved a gender equality index of 81/100.

*The Scalian economic and social unit consists of Scalian DS, Scalian OP, Evosys, Scalian SA and Scalian DPCI.

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