By enabling sustainable development goals to be met, corporate social responsibility is an asset that strengthens competitiveness and ensures the long-lasting success of the company or organisation.
La RSE, la démarche pour assurer un avenir pérenne à l'organisation

Building your corporate responsibility approach

The goal of CSR is to place the company at the heart of a virtuous ecosystem for both people and the environment.

Knowing how to create a CSR policy while taking account of your business’s realities and context and the constantly changing regulations is all too often an impossible challenge. We are here to help you see things more clearly.

The CSR approach according to Scalian

Why CSR?

Companies will already naturally be deploying actions in line with a CSR approach. However, formally committing to such a project enables it to structure, enhance and optimise the measures initiated.

By integrating CSR into its development strategy, the company gets ahead of the game and is better equipped for the future.

A lever for attractiveness and differentiation
By placing environmental and human issues at the heart of its system, the company is sending a strong message to its stakeholders, whether they are employees, clients or suppliers.
Being the first in your field to act and demonstrating this on a daily basis in your internal and external actions can be a real competitive advantage.

A driver of performance and growth
By reducing social and environmental risks, the company succeeds on various points: more motivated employees, an organisation that controls its energy expenditure, purchases, sourcing of raw materials, etc.

By committing to CSR, a company adds credibility to its long-term strategy and enjoys greater trust, especially among banks and clients. Similarly, deployment of a CSR approach goes hand in hand with a greater capacity for listening and dialogue in the company. This contributes to a deeper client relationship that benefits both the company and its clients.

A driver of innovation and transformation
Finding solutions to cut costs, reduce its environmental impact, create a virtuous ecosystem, promote quality of life at work, etc. encourages the company to be more creative and engage in greater interaction with its various stakeholders. Innovation can be supported for example with tools such as life cycle analysis, eco-design, carbon footprint assessment, benchmarking, etc.

Approach and methodology

Regardless of your organisation’s type (private or public sector) or size, we offer tailored support for your approach. To assess your level of maturity on the subject, we always begin our intervention with a review. To understand your challenges or determine which stakeholders are involved in the process, our CSR consultants will ask you all the questions needed to fully grasp your situation.

  • Audit – Diagnosis
    This essential phase will then enable us to implement the appropriate actions. We carry out a review of the initial situation, which leads to the identification of areas of work, and preparation and support for the certification process.
  • System – process support

    Our consultants work with you to define the CSR strategy/charter, set goals and indicators (internal, Sustainable Development Goals, GRI, etc.), map the stakeholders and coordinate the process.

  • Project management 

    Our consultants have real expertise in change management and can intervene at all stages of the project: impetus, follow-up, adjustment of actions, workshop facilitation, etc.

  • Specific support 
    At Scalian, we have extensive expertise in areas such as the environment (LCA, eco-design, carbon footprint, etc.), occupational health and safety (corporate resilience), ethics (charter, code), human rights, responsible procurement, change management, etc. In this respect, we can provide support on more targeted areas.
  • Communication
    Communication is key when deploying the CSR approach, and is one of the vectors determining its success. Our teams can help you produce CSR/NFPS (Non-Financial Performance Statement) reports and highlight relevant actions and indicators.
  • Training Training and awareness-raising are the means that will enable all the players to unite around and sustain the CSR approach over the long term. Our consultants can provide customised support.

How can we convince you to switch to CSR?
We are proof that initiating a CSR approach is an asset for any company.
Find out more about our work: CSR approach at Scalian

Some data:

An average gap [in performance] of 13% is observed between businesses that put CSR practices in place and those that do not.” (2016 Study “Corporate Social Responsibility and Competitiveness”)

“64% of employees won’t work for a company that doesn’t have strong social or environmental commitments.(2016 Study by Cone Communication)

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