Simulation systems

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Systèmes de simulation numérique

Get a head start by simulating the future

Digital simulation can be applied to every industry sector. It is an essential tool that helps optimise costs, prevent risks and errors, design, predict behaviour, anticipate, innovate, etc.

Its numerous benefits offer companies new opportunities in the development of their activities throughout their value chain.

Simulation systems according to Scalian

Our approach

Scalian operates in the defence, aeronautical and environmental sectors and is now a recognised player in the field of digital simulation. It has developed expertise in a wide range of activities in the field.

Simulation studies

We have a three-pronged approach in this field: development of specific simulation tools based on our expertise in imaging sensors (optronics, sonar, radar); the ability of our design office to produce learning databases by simulation; and the sale of licences for our own simulators (radar signature of objects, sonar, marine scenes).

Our added value:

  • Detailed modelling of a system or subsystem
  • Study of the system’s interactions with the environment
  • Performance prediction and optimisation

Qualification simulation

Developing complex equipment or systems in a constrained environment requires qualification and validation at the design stage. Our knowledge of the field enables us to support our clients both in the modelling of physical phenomena and equipment, and with turnkey solutions (the entire hardware and software chain or the production of complete test sets from specification through to maintenance). We also have domain-specific products: simulation platform, code generator (automation), NodeController.

Our added value:

  • Checking that a system or item of equipment operates correctly (performance, interface compliance, etc.)
  • Hardware (HIL) or software (SIL)
  • Test benches to simulate equipment

Immersive simulation

We produce complete real-time immersive 3D simulators that can incorporate highly representative business modules. Designed for communication, training, preparation for complex operations, virtual tours, popularisation of “business” concepts or to assist operators in the field, our solutions are custom-developed on any type of device or platform.

Our added value:

  • Assess human reactions through simulation
  • Virtual, augmented and mixed reality, “real scale” simulator

Behavioural simulation

Simulating behaviour is crucial in some fields. For example, we build drone simulators (to help choose payloads according to the mission), mobility simulators (to measure the impact of development on urban mobility), drone swarm mission simulators, etc.

Our added value:

  • Study of the interactions between several “entities”, whether cooperative or not
  • Assess the behaviour of entities and the results of their decision-making

Simulation of natural events

Our skills in modelling complex physical phenomena, data analysis and statistics, machine learning, programming of scientific software and complex processing systems enable us to operate, develop or upgrade prediction models of natural environments in the fields of meteorology, oceanography and fluid mechanics.

Our added value:

  • Prediction of changes in natural systems in relation to time and the initial conditions

Our method

We adapt our methods of intervention to meet the needs and constraints of our clients.

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