Digital solutions

Designed to respond to specific IT problems, our Digital Factories add real impetus to the development of our clients’ digital solutions.

Benefit from a complete digital ecosystem that can be tailored to your needs

The Scalian Digital Factories bring together the skills, methods and resources that enable us to provide a tailored response to our clients’ IT projects.

The Scalian Digital Factories purpose is to:

Guarantee seamless and customised project management
Offer professionalism and responsiveness in project implementation
Go further and facilitate innovative actions

Digital solutions according to Scalian

Our approach

In order to provide you with the best solutions, we believe it is important to begin by understanding you. Because your business is specific, your IT tools must also be specific. We can then work on the development of applications dedicated to your business, and maintain and upgrade them where necessary.

Our values: freedom and responsibility
Our role at your side is firstly to tell you the truth.
Some truths are hard to hear, but we can say no when necessary. We don’t claim to be able to do everything, but when we start something, we commit to seeing it through to the end. We also know that a project is not always plain sailing, and you need to be able to change course if necessary. We know how to adapt and take the initiative.

Our added value: team spirit
When we say “experts”, you need to understand that there are more than 140 of us. They include functional analysts who understand you, experienced architects, curious developers, committed testers, and dedicated and transparent project managers. All of this is aided by their expertise in a variety of methods and tools!

Our method

We have extensive experience in a wide range of fields and methods to ensure that you find the shoe that fits.

Our missions

Studies and design:

  • Modelling workshops
  • Experimentation
  • Business analysis
  • Information system architecture
  • Audits (UX, technical, functional, performance)


  • Agility – SCRUM and NOT SCRUM
  • V-model and iterative V-model

Support and maintenance:

  • Functional and technical support
  • L2 and L3 support
  • Third-party application maintenance
  • Training
  • Continuous improvement
  • Monitoring

Industrialisation and automation:

  • DevOps (CI/CD)
  • Quality measurement
  • Continuous quality process
  • Test automation (functional, performance, security)

All you have to do is challenge us!

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