Quality Management

A product or service must first and foremost meet the needs for which it was designed or developed.
L'assurance qualité, la garantie du coût-délais-qualité respecté

Have you carefully considered the entire life cycle of your product or service?

Quality is not just a matter for a quality manager. It is a collaborative approach that involves all the stakeholders in a project, programme, system, item of equipment, product, software or service.


Quality Assurance for:

Building trust with your clients and suppliers.
Ensuring the reliability of your products, systems or services.

Quality Assurance according to Scalian

Our approach

A quality policy must be defined in a way that makes it possible to foresee and respond to evolving end uses by guiding decisions throughout the life cycle, from the design phase through to end of life.

Our method

We provide support to our clients in a collaborative way on the following topics:

Quality assurance of programmes

  • Defining and deploying a quality policy tailored to the programme’s industrial issues, the clients’ needs and the applicable requirements
  • Managing risks and achieving product and process compliance throughout the product life cycle (development, industrialisation and series production)

Quality assurance of systems & facilities

  • Ensuring the suitability of the design
  • Securing the industrialisation process
  • Ensuring product qualification and compliance
  • Managing quality of the product and process during series production
  • Life cycle analysis

Quality assurance of software

  • Monitoring software developments from the specification phase through to commissioning and operational phases, to ensure the delivery of functional, reliable, maintainable, secure and certifiable software products when required
  • Implementing reference systems and software development processes aimed at enhancing organisational maturity

Quality assurance of organisations

  • Adopting a client focus
  • Developing leadership (management responsibility)
  • Involving staff at all levels
  • Applying a process approach to control all activities contributing to performance and client satisfaction
  • Investing in continuous improvement
  • Making informed decisions based on evidence, facts, etc.
  • Managing stakeholder relationships to generate sustainable performance
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