Go Digital

Go Digital, the approach that transforms your business.
Go Digital : méthode d'accompagnement à la transformation des entreprises

Considering transformation for and with stakeholders

Generating ideas, clarifying a vision, giving shape to an initial action plan are all preludes to transformation; but none of this is automatic.

Go Digital is the implementation of an iterative approach – test & learn – in order to push the boundaries in the organisation while refocusing attention on the human element.

Transformation: how to succeed?

An observation: companies are struggling to transform themselves despite successive reorganisations.

Although there is no shortage of relevant ideas for transformation, few organisations manage to make this transformation concrete. The transformations undertaken do not provide a global, coherent response: processes, tools or culture remain unchanged. The transformation is not sufficiently thought out for and with the stakeholders.
Good ideas, on the other hand, are often suppressed over time by budgetary constraints, cultural inertia, and the fierce gregariousness of the need to eradicate uncertainty.

Transformation, however, relies on innovation and value creation to take root at the heart of organisations. This living force, intrapreneurship or “the desire to get things up and running” is both incalculable and invaluable in the mirror of traditional management methods. By its very nature, it is opposed to organisational norms through the upheaval of the uses it brings about. To free oneself from constraints, to take risks, to transgress… to authorise difference is also to give transformation a chance.

Why does it work?

To transform yourself, what could be better than implementing breakthrough innovations?
To achieve this, it is necessary to promote ideas on the ground that run counter to established norms, to encourage a culture of change and transgression. Transgression is neither an end in itself, nor is it rebellion, it is a salutary side step that ensures transformation.

Only a few individuals against the norm (whether it concerns processes, methods, tools, culture, etc.) are able to go against the dominant circuit to promote their ideas and imagine a new version of the world.

They draw their energy from their enjoyment or from the eyes of others; economic rationality does not explain this process based on emotional, social or symbolic beliefs. Although incalculable, the innovator’s innovative activities do not disregard economic performance: on the contrary, they reinforce and prove its relevance.

How does it work?

Closely linking strategy and operations, aligning their transformations so that the company’s culture remains coherente:

  • By engaging stakeholders and allowing for sideways steps, constructive criticism.
  • By identifying opportunities on the ground that have a positive impact on the organisation, encouraging desirable, feasible and viable opportunities.
  • By driving them by value and in small steps to ensure that they are relevant, that they meet their audience, or that one does not persist in making mistakes.
  • By relying on tools, digital or not, specific or not, according to the need.

Transforming through innovation, is to find the balance between continuity and rupture:

  • Identify means of governance and management.
  • Challenging habits, shaking up ideas and strengthening the general ability to change.

OuDiPo, what is it?

OuDiPo (Potential Digitalisation Opener) is: a pragmatic method of transformation based on field use cases.

How does it work?
We structure and combine “Local, global and digital“:

  • in small steps, we make “small” changes by implementing rapid improvements in “everyday” use cases, encouraging initiatives in the field and creating a climate conducive to openness,
  • all local actions are framed and promoted in order to institutionalise the culture of change,
  • the information system is made more flexible to open it up to new uses.
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