Supply Chain

The supply chain is a great opportunity for the company and its ecosystem, provided it is robust, agile, connected and competitive.
La supply chain, un chaînon essentiel dans l'industrie

Is supply chain 4.0 a revolution?

Central to the challenges facing industries, its polymorphous, fragmented nature, combining physical and financial flows and diverse types of data, makes it elusive. However, once the puzzle has been assembled, the supply chain can make any product or service accessible, customised, in the right place, at the right time and at the right price.

An efficient supply chain should guide the company’s strategy towards operational excellence with a minimised, offset environmental impact.


Supply Chain according to Scalian

Our approach

Our approach is based on our ability to support you in the development of your supply chain.

Introduction of new products and services

Support in building your supply chain:

  • Strategic choice
  • Selection of suppliers (assessment of industrial maturity, risk assessment)
  • Qualification of suppliers (qualification of the industrial process, the product, the manufacturing processes)

Industrial transfer

  • Management of activity transfers through the implementation of methods, tools and processes
  • Methodological support for managing the transfer (project structure)
  • Technical expertise

Supplier monitoring & development

  • Optimisation of your suppliers’ cost-quality-delivery performance
  • Securing your supply chain in relation to client developments (e.g. production ramp-up)
  • Risk assessment
  • Development of industrial maturity (capability, capacity)

Our method

Regardless of the type of problem you face, we deploy the appropriate methodologies and practices in a co-construction approach. With a great deal of innovation and know-how, we are able to design your logistics projects of tomorrow with you.

Supply Chain 4.0

The extended supply chain requires control and coordination of a complex, interconnected ecosystem. The coupling between operations and the information system therefore creates a symbiosis that benefits everyone.

  • Web platform for structuring and centralising supply chain data
  • Digitisation of the supply chain (management, control tools, operators)
  • Implementation of remote audits
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