Agile Approach

While agile practice enables us to be open to change and innovation, it is also a driver of performance.
L'approche agile comme outil de performance projet

Putting people and their interactions before standardised processes, for greater productivity and adaptability.

Making your organisation more agile gives it a serious competitive edge. Agility offers a meaningful vision for teams. In operational terms, it places the client at the centre and enables construction through cooperation with high added value.

Its short cycles generate rapid feedback loops, leading to continuous improvement at all levels, progressively creating synergies and making the organisation better equipped to deal with change.

The agile methods according to Scalian

Our approach

Experience has taught us that transformation is primarily a human affair. People are at the same time subjects of transformation, drivers of change and sources of resistance. We know that we cannot force anyone to change. We can simply imagine a better way of working and supporting teams on this journey. Each transformation is a different story. Success is never guaranteed, but we believe the best way to proceed is to build a path together. Agile principles are there to guide us!

In practice

Because our clients all have their own specific environments and problems, each of our interventions is unique. Agile principles offer a framework approach that enables tailored support:

1. Stimulate interest by regularly running informal introductory workshops on agility, open to all. Observe how the teams function and suggest specific support approaches.

2. Assist team transition through adaptation and training in agile methods, in a way that responds to their needs and enables them to assimilate the principles and values at their own pace.

3. Perpetuate and promote progress via simplified monitoring that measures maturity and provides visibility on the next steps to be taken, but also by regularly running retrospective sessions or offering specific workshops according to the desired areas of improvement.

4. Consolidate and disseminate by suggesting organisations and tools that enable agility over the greatest scope (at scale), sharing, community coordination, and the creation of a set of standards and best practices.


Our method

Our approach is based on a set of levers:

A dedicated Agile Centre

Because we rely on collective intelligence, we have gathered all our agile players together in our Agile Centre: Coaches, Facilitators, Change Managers, Scrum Master, Product Owner, etc. Its strength is that it brings together people with backgrounds and experience in a number of different fields. This wealth of experience is put to good use in joint brainstorming projects aimed at creating new systems or tools that can be used in their work with our clients.

Form of intervention

Our agile community provides coaching, facilitation and training. It is also involved in Product Owner or UX Design services in frameworks such as: Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, etc. We certify our approach when this is called for by the client ecosystem. For example, we are PSM and SAFe (SPC5, SAFe Agilist, etc.) certified.

Practising agility means experimenting
Our agilists never come to an assignment empty-handed – game and work tools and materials – their tried and tested practices have virtually no limits. Knowledge of processes, professions, ceremonies, media, creative methods: they are equipped to deal with any situation, however complex.

Our agile team is also qualified to conduct training courses at all levels (beginners to experts) on a wide range of topics such as frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, etc.) for leading attendees to certification, roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner, etc.), facilitation, agile fundamentals, etc.

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