Avionics products

Proven dataloading and computer-monitoring software solutions used by the major aeronautical players.

Do you need tools to help with computer development in the validation or production phase?

More than 15 years ago, we were already developing software products designed to address specific issues in the aeronautical sector.

EDAT, a software suite for dataloading

EBTF, a software suite dedicated to computer health

Today, more than 400 licences have been deployed worldwide, for use in our clients’ avionics programmes.

Avionics products  acccording to Scalian

Our approach

Because complexity is at the heart of our activities, we have developed two tools specific to the avionics sector.

EDAT: up/downloading and reconfiguration of avionics computers

First developed in 2008, EDAT is a software package for uploading/downloading data. It is compliant with the main avionics standards, A615-3 and A615A.

EDAT has advanced features for manual or automated confirmation of computer compliance with dataloading standards and meets ARINC standards.

The EDAT suite consists of the following: 

  • EDAT: More than a simple dataloader, EDAT can verify computer compliance with dataloading standards
  • EDAT SPY: Non-intrusive solution for confirming compliance with dataloading standards by spying on messages between the dataloader and the computer
  • ELOGE: A665 Load packager
  • Connectivity: A429, A664, Ethernet

EBTF: monitoring computer health

First developed in 2005, EBTF is used to simulate the CMS function according to the ABD100 1.4 standard in order to test the compliance of EBTF BITE exchanges. It supports normal and interactive mode.

In the EBTF suite… 

  • EBFT: Simulation of the CMS for confirming computers’ BITE function compliance with Standard B type 1 & 2 (ABD100 1.4)
  • EBFT SPY: Non-intrusive solution for confirming computers’ BITE function compliance by spying on messages exchanged between the computers and the CMS.
  • Connectivity: A429, A664, Ethernet

Our method

Our knowledge of the aeronautical field, our high standards and our rigour have enabled us to be recognised for many years by our clients.

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