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The recruitment phase is a sensitive time, requiring a high degree of commitment. It primarily involves ensuring that we have a mutual desire to go on part of this journey together and that we share the same values.

Initial contact is made by one of our recruitment officers. The purpose of this 20-minute discussion is to learn more about your expectations and whether they match the opportunities we are currently offering or those that may arise in the future.

Then, two or three interviews take place with our technical and commercial managers, or with our consultants and “ambassador” engineers, so we can get to know each other better, assess your skills and career plan, and tell you about our projects and who we are.

If the chemistry is right, the contract can be signed and the onboarding phase begins!

A closer look at our recruitment process

Here, we shed some light on each step of this process.

Discover our process

Le parcours de recrutement chez Scalian

Paul, a junior engineer, reflects on his recruitment journey

Feel at ease from the moment you arrive!

Whether you are joining our teams one week or three months after making your decision, the success of your welcome and onboarding is key, and we all have a part to play:

First step, when you sign, the management team will show you around the agency and introduce you to your future colleagues. You will probably meet a lot of faces. Don’t worry, we will be there to guide you through your onboarding.

We will stay in touch throughout the period leading up to your arrival. This time will be devoted to various conversations with your future manager, administrative arrangements with the agency assistant, invitations to events organised during the period, and sharing of information on the group’s latest activities.

Then, on your first day, depending on the context of your assignment, you will be accompanied on an introduction to your working environment, so you can get off to a really good start. You will also be given your equipment and a welcome kit. In the meantime, a welcome email will be waiting for you; this will direct you to all the everyday digital tools used at Scalian. During your first week, our agency assistants will guide you through the various interfaces and documentation resources available on our Intranet.

Lastly, to complete your onboarding, you will be invited to join the Scalian family on our BeScalian app!

Our commitments in figures

over 1000

new talents hired on average every year


of employees say that new arrivals are made to feel welcome (Scalian France GPTW Survey)

>12 years

average experience of our new employees

Consultants & Engineers: Let’s make a deal!

Your onboarding starts as soon as your contract is signed. This process is designed to provide you with the keys to success for your first six months in the job.

  1. Scalian Pact 1: from the day of your arrival, we undertake to assist you in terms of job support, skills development and networking with Scalian communities.
  2. Scalian Pact 2 and 3: these meetings with your line or technical manager after 3 and 6 months are an opportunity to set and monitor your objectives, and also to review the commitments made.
  3. New-recruit feedback report: with your recruitment officer, you will have another opportunity to share your initial impressions!
  4. Welcome Meeting: this essential, informal event at the agency is the ideal time for discussion and information-gathering in a friendly atmosphere.
Kit accueil Scalian

« Starter » for managers

All new managers benefit from a specific onboarding programme during their first year.

  1. STARTER: the highlight of this process is the seminar, which takes place over two days. It is organised in the form of workshops, meetings with Executive Committee members, e-learning, case studies, etc.
  2. This programme is designed to provide an overall picture of the Group, its strategy, its activities and offers, as well as its values and mindset. It also allows new arrivals to begin their internal networking.
  3. Weekly meetings: continuation of the onboarding programme via talks (Finance, IT, HR, Social, Quality, Legal, Communication) designed to give new managers an overall understanding of the Scalian ecosystem, as well as access to all the tools needed to succeed in their role.
Le parcours d'intégration spécifique aux fonctions managériales

86% of our employees feel that “management trusts us to do our job well without constantly needing to check on us“.

According to feedback from the GPTW survey

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