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    25 September 2020

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Leading industries are starting to undertake major projects based on agile frameworks. Their objective: to create better products and accelerate development cycles by focusing on client value (effectiveness) and close collaboration (efficiency).

Tagueri supports its clients in their agile approach through a dedicated skills centre (Agile CoC) whose services include training, workshops and rapid implementation strategies. The HR Development department of Porsche was looking for an exclusive partner with the ability to deliver high-level training. Already a partner of the R&D and IT departments, Tagueri is now the “preferred partner” of Porsche for its agile training courses. The company has developed three made-to-measure training plans for its client: Agile Basics, Agile Coach Program and Product Owner.

Agile Basics asks the question “why do we need agility?”, and draws primarily upon Scrum simulation to provide the answer. Participants learn about and experience the agile management of a complex project.

The Agile Coach Program is dedicated to the manufacturer’s current and future Agile Coaches. It is a learning path. To develop their methodical, social and leadership skills, participants follow several training courses and individual coaching plans, as well as taking part in real projects.

Product Owner teaches participants how to build and manage an agile project. Participants learn how to define their project vision, create a user path (story map) and get to the first sprint. They are also trained to communicate with all the players taking part in the project.

The COVID-19 health crisis made it difficult to continue classroom training but, by demonstrating its agility, Tagueri was able to convince Porsche that the training could be organised remotely. In April, the first test with Agile Basics proved to be successful, paving the way for the continued use of virtual training plans and creating a number of new opportunities that the Agile CoC is ready to grasp!

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