Retail and Services

Data is strategic to these sectors, whether for devising new client experiences or creating increasingly personalised services for their BtoB or consumer market targets.

Retail et services aux entreprises

Optimising the client experience

The health crisis and nomadic lifestyles are making clients more volatile. Adapting quickly to these trends requires an in-depth knowledge of users/consumers. It is critical for companies to understand these mechanisms, capture information, put in place suitable digital strategies and offer secure, intelligent services.

To best meet their clients’ needs, these sectors need to manage the collection of online or physical data, while securing this capital according to the requirements of the GDPR.

Elisabeth Menant, Service Innovation Analyst / BNP Paribas Personal Finance Exchanger, shares her analysis

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Information is key

online shopping

Third-party maintenance of the “payment receipt” component of an e-commerce application for a company specialising in the marketing of leisure and cultural products. Correction of anomalies and implementation of corrective measures and monitoring tools.

Améliorer les performances des commandes en ligne

Scalian was tasked by an e-commerce player with managing the improvement of its European platform’s order descent system in anticipation of Black Friday and Christmas sales transactions. This resulted in a more robust system that can accept a greater volume of orders to be processed, deal with more error cases and ensure automatic recovery in the event of a crash.

Data Security

Study and benchmarking of Security Operations Centre (SOC) solutions for the EGIS Group. We conducted a quantitative analysis to establish the viability and ROI of a SOC. Preliminary study to determine the system’s relevance and type (internal SOC, MSSP, hybrid). Definition of the approach in the form of a master plan. Creation of an assurance plan and security clause for suppliers.

Le big data au service d'une plateforme de facturation dans le voyage

Scalian’s Big Data teams were tasked with setting up a travel company’s billing platform and managing all its data flows, with over 9 billion transactions per day.

Tunnel de commande privé entre partenaires e-commerce

Development of a dedicated tunnel for placing purchase orders or conducting transfers between the warehouses of the two partner companies.

Scalian supports the leaders of retail and services

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