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Looking after everyone and striving to meet their expectations as far as possible, to ensure a secure, flexible and caring working environment.

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We aim to create an environment where everybody can pursue their career under the best conditions.

This is why we are constantly striving to improve our working environment – and its “extras” – for a better quality of life. An attentive, protective environment is essential to enable you to develop at your own pace. Each one of us is different and deserves special attention!

We commit to listening to you throughout your career at Scalian. Your feedback is essential during the regular reviews that mark your onboarding, in-house surveys, annual interviews and informal discussions. We are not perfect, but supporting you and adapting to your needs is one of our primary concerns.

Scalian has been certified as a “Great Place To Work”


This year again, Scalian is proud to display this recognition, which is above all due to its employees. Caroline Nancy, Group HR Director, explains why this is important.

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Creating the necessary conditions for flexibility

The way we all live and work is changing. Our employees have high expectations on a number of topics, such as:

  • Teleworking: in April 2021, Scalian signed a teleworking agreement allowing our employees (including those on internships, work placements and trial periods) to work from home up to 50% of the time (11 days per month in France). The agreement provides for the possibility of teleworking if a child is sick, which gives parents more flexibility in managing their personal lives.
  • Work and parenting: our employees can benefit from daycare places in the network of our partner, Babilou, throughout France.
  • Equality in the workplace: rigorous monitoring as part of our “People Reviews” to ensure equal treatment for all, in recruitment, career development and on return from maternity leave.
  • Complementary health insurance: an attractive contract that also covers alternative medicine, for instance.

Our commitments in figures


of employees feel that management trusts them to do their job (Scalian France GPTW Survey)


feel encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance (Scalian France GPTW Survey)


of our consultants feel they can count on the help of their colleagues and staff (Scalian France GPTW Survey)

Keeping our finger on the pulse

We organise various get-togethers and channels of expression that enable us to listen to and understand our employees’ expectations.

  1. The Satisfaction Survey: sent each year to gather feedback on employee assignments, management and Group communication.
  2. The “Pulse” and “Great Place To Work” Surveys: broader studies covering different themes (introduced in 2020 following the first events of the COVID crisis).
  3. The Live Event: a live online meeting with members of the Executive Committee, this is an important opportunity to share information. Management discusses the Group’s latest news and prospects, and answers questions asked by participants via the live chat.
  4. The BeScalian app: internal to the group in France, this application enables us to sound out all our communities on various business topics. This interactive tool also fosters commitment and allows everyone to speak out and put forward initiatives of all kinds.
Session Teams en télétravail

Staying close

Our teams are essential local linchpins, always close at hand and highly responsive to our employees’ needs.

  1. Agency Assistant: a mainstay for all administrative, practical and other everyday aspects!
  2. Technical Manager: the local technical adviser and contact person
  3. Mission Manager: an essential link within the client teams
  4. Business Manager: the key contact for overall monitoring of your assignments and career development
  5. HR Manager: for advice on all HR and related administrative matters
The French HR Managers Team

“Equal rights and gender diversity, Quality of Working Life (QWL), professional equality between women and men, and employment of people with disabilities are fully in line with our convictions.”

Yvan Chabanne, CEO.

A place for everyone

Since 2018, Scalian has rolled out a network of trained and clearly identified disability advisers within our agencies in France.

This network offers a forum for exchanging and finding solutions in complete discretion and confidentiality. The disability advisers are our employees’ main contacts for any questions on this topic.
Their tasks:

  • Answering questions
  • Supporting employee applicants with their procedures (job adaptation, job retention, recognition of disabled worker status, etc.) in conjunction with internal and external stakeholders
  • Deploying the Group’s disability policy on the ground

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