Project management assistance

Project management assistance, the unbeatable asset for meeting cost, quality and delivery objectives.

Giving you the keys to succeed in your IT projects

From the definition of needs through to commissioning, our teams will assist yours throughout the build and run phases, tailoring methodologies and practices to your specific project contexts.

« Slow and steady wins the race »

This is how we could sum up our mission!


Project management assistance according to Scalian

Our approach

Scalian’s project management assistance consultants interact directly with our clients’ business managers. They have extensive expertise in functional areas related to sales (billing, offer management, BI, etc.), client relations (agenda, self-care, mediation, etc.), production (technical documentation, stock, certification, etc.), maintenance (inspection, non-conformity management, failure prediction, etc.), marketing and the supply chain.

Their work covers all project management and project management assistance services (roadmap, costing, specifications, acceptance, deployment, training, in-service maintenance, etc.) on various application systems and the digital ecosystem (web and mobile applications).

Our method

The experience of our project management assistance consultants, gained over the course of their assignments, gives them the interpersonal and listening skills needed to avoid the pitfalls of what are often highly complex projects.

Our strengths

  • Expertise in project management and in all the phases of IT project management assistance
  • Commitment to deadlines for taking JIRA into account
  • Joint front and back office operation (nearshore)
  • Monitoring by OTD/OQD indicators and associated SLA
  • Agile methods and V-model

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