Private players are revolutionising access to space. They are opening up new development opportunities in space exploration, which will also benefit every business sector on Earth.

L'espace, nouveau territoire des possibles

Building reliable, sustainable and competitive systems

The boom in the sector and the cost competitiveness due to industrialisation are accelerating programmes and the profusion of satellites in orbit. Questions are already being asked about data processing and security, as well as regulation, satellite maintenance and the return of debris to Earth.

From nanosatellites to mega-constellations and reusable launchers, the space industry has never been more attractive.

Jean-Claude Traineau, Director of the Space Programme at ONERA, shares his analysis

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Diversify, secure, reuse

L'intelligence artificielle pour le traitement d'images satellite

Scalian worked on prediction of toxic cyanobacterial bloom events in freshwater sources by processing infrared satellite images with the help of artificial intelligence. ESA and WaterShed Monitoring aim to predict the occurrence of these events in order to reduce the health impacts of cyanotoxin exposure.

Assurance Qualité de systèmes aérostatiques

CNES develops and operates various aerostat systems for the scientific community. Scalian’s role was to ensure that these systems meet the required quality and reliability criteria, and CNES safety regulations. We worked on systems definition, monitoring of manufacturer development, and acceptance and qualification of hardware, software and systems. We are also involved in operational implementation.

Acculturation à l'agilité dans le secteur spatial

Agility adaptation for stakeholders, training and daily support for Product Owners, coaching of the Core Team, implementation of agility at scale, etc.

Protéger les centres de contrôle satellite d'attaques cyber

As part of the upgrading of the Galileo system, Thales Alenia Space wanted to propose some technological and operational changes to the European authorities (ESA, GSF). Cybersecurity was one of the areas identified. Scalian was commissioned to produce support materials for technologies and to define the corresponding preliminary architectures for the ground segment (G2G).

Assurance qualité pour les segments sols en exploitation sur la science et l'observation de la Terre

We worked on quality assurance management of the ground segments in operation for Earth observation and science, including product assurance for several programmes, quality assurance and control, and software product assurance.

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