A tool for multi-site interconnection between system test benches and real-time data exchange

Conduct your tests remotely to optimise test times and limit travel

Being able to test your systems regardless of where your teams are located in the world is now possible with SWING.

No matter where you are, this system allows you to interconnect your equipment and test your systems remotely.

SWING: the interconnection of system test benches by Scalian

Our approach

SWING: supporting the development of your test infrastructure

Initially developed for the aeronautical sector, SWING can be tailored to any type of industrial environment with systems that need testing. The solution allows existing infrastructure – which would otherwise be expensive to move – to be upgraded and new geographically remote test devices to be integrated and interconnected. This optimises the use of benches/systems and increases profitability.

Users can access it remotely to run tests from different geographical locations, limiting travel. This ensures greater responsiveness on projects and secures all flows.

Solution SWING

Our method

Depending on your operating environment, a multi-disciplinary team is at your service to best deploy our solution.

Characteristics of SWING

SWING is available in two forms: tabletop for PoCs or as a compact rack for industrial use. Data exchange is possible via Ethernet, AFDX, ARINC 429, Aircraft Discrete I/O, Analog I/O.

The real-time tool resynchronises data flows with a fixed latency according to a given data order on all synchronised sites (NTP, PTP, etc.).

SWING provides a configuration interface and enables remote maintenance of the various interconnection racks.

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