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There will be no limits to your playing field, but if you want to go far it’s better to have an overall view of the route!

Un parcours balisé en rejoignant Scalian

Are you interested in joining the adventure? Let’s have an open, transparent discussion!

We know that the recruitment phase is a key time when you need quick visibility on who we are and what we can offer you, and how we work. In our case, this happens in four stages.

1- Initial contact is usually with a member of our recruitment department. The purpose of this 20-minute discussion is to learn more about your expectations and whether they correspond to the opportunities we offer, or those to come.

2- If we mutually identify a common interest, a meeting is arranged with one of our managers. This takes one hour, during which they will take the time to listen to you and set out the current or future opportunities and the skills and mindset needed. They will then spend time learning about your objectives and how you see yourself in the job. At the end of this interview, you will be contacted within 24 hours to find out if we will be continuing the adventure together.

3- If so, you will meet your technical or operational contact person and often also your future colleagues. At this meeting, we will present to you in detail all the technical and/or functional aspects of your assignment. In some cases, tests or assessments may be proposed. If all lights are green, we invite you to the agency!

4- The final step is played out in two stages:
The job offer is sent to you to give you time to read it thoroughly. Your contact people will be on hand to explain its content and answer your questions.

Lastly, it will be time to sign the contract in the presence of the agency manager. At this stage we will give you some important information and a welcome gift, and you will probably meet a lot of smiling faces when you visit the premises. Don’t worry, we will also be there to guide you through your onboarding process.

You’ve arrived!

Our onboarding process starts as soon as your contract is signed!
From this point on, your integration is monitored over the first 6 months. This process aims to give you all the keys you need to succeed in your job, in terms of the projects assigned to you, and to help you integrate fully in our work communities.

…and in practical terms?

From the outset, you will be able to:

  • Meet your line manager and technical manager at the three meetings that are part of our recruitment process
  • Find out more about Scalian and our way of thinking, discuss our projects and organisation
  • Benefit from a personalised welcome within the agency (at our Welcome Meeting), as well as regular follow-up with your line manager and the HR team (Scalian Pact, new-recruit feedback report).

Onboarding pathway

Some useful pointers

We’ve been working to prepare for your arrival! Because we want to provide you with the best possible support at every stage of your life story, we are constantly looking to improve our social policies and fulfil our social commitments. Here is a brief overview of the latest changes for 2021:

Professional and personal life

Teleworking is part of how we organise our activities and a company agreement recently signed with the CFE-CGC trade union established an operating framework that benefits everyone, striking a balance between working from home and working in an agency or on a client site.

Social security cover

Our complementary healthcare insurance and death and disability insurance schemes, which are mainly financed by the company, provide a solid base of cover in the event of personal difficulties. The complementary healthcare insurance covers you and your children, and can be extended to your spouse if you wish.

A group pension scheme is available, which enables you to save based on the days in your Time Savings Account. In this regard, the company can contribute to your retirement plan under favourable conditions through an immediate top-up payment.

Good citizenship and help with your daily lives

Reimbursement of travel expenses through bicycle mileage allowances and electric bike rentals co-funded by the company are civic measures that enable Scalian to fulfil its CSR responsibilities.

In addition, the possibility of funding for childcare has been included in the social policy from 2021, in order to contribute to a better work-life balance.

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