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We are all looking for meaning in our work. At Scalian, we focus on providing you with the space to achieve your potential.

Asserting your talent: A community of passionate experts

Our reputation is built on an acknowledged community of dedicated experts who, working together on complex technical subjects, help in the transformation of major French and international companies. They are building the world of tomorrow through performance and innovative technologies.

And every day, the in-house technical teams and specialist communities consolidate the technical advances of our engineers and consultants in the field.

…and in practical terms?

Whether in a team, agency, profession or area of expertise or on a broader level, our specialists are able to interact within communities and continue to develop, learn and innovate. This “learning” ecosystem means that anyone wishing to do so can assert their talent in their specialist areas to an even greater degree. It’s up to you to be in the right place at the right time (QED)!

An information and networking hub: the BeScalian app
You are just one click away from getting to know everyone! Here you will find all the latest news in each field, internal mobility job opportunities, good deals and projects, along with all your communities and an exclusive preview of our programme of webinars and masterclasses. You can interact with the Group – and may even meet our CEO!

COME & SHARE events
Depending on where you are, you will be invited to different events enabling you to learn, share your expertise and develop your network. Whether in person or remotely, your management team regularly organises sessions with an open invitation. You can easily identify them by their creative names: Tech’Meet – TedICs – Share 2 Know – Teams aperitifs, etc.

Assignments and projects
Because you love what you do, we will provide all the necessary conditions to help you through the assignments and client projects we offer you. Our clients appreciate our seriousness and professionalism. If you love excellence and challenge, they will love you too!

Do you want to pass on your skills and use them for a noble cause? Scalian works alongside more than fifty schools and universities through alumni networks, participation in events and forums, or partnerships. This means you will be able to share your expertise with students (workshops, visits to our centres of excellence, webinars, theses via the CIFRE training-through-research programme, etc.), or even become an in-house trainer within the Scalian Academy or a tutor on a vocational course.

Lastly, through our skills sponsorship programme, you can make your skills available to the registered public associations that are our partners.

Exploring new challenges: do you have what it takes to be an explorer?

We work with the mindset of an explorer. The scope of our activities is almost without limit, which means you can take advantage of countless opportunities. And like any explorer, you are entitled to make mistakes, because we believe that people learn and innovate by daring and trying.

…and in practical terms?

You can take part in innovative projects at our clients’ sites or in-house. Share experiences, find out more about our research topics, via the monthly meetings held by our Innovation Lab.

The Innovation Lab
The Innovation Lab brings together a community of PhDs and research engineers to examine themes such as industrial performance, knowledge synergy, intelligent systems and geophysics & human activity. The Lab is open to everyone and enables engineers to contribute to R&D work on an ad hoc basis.

SCAN research partnership 
Scalian plays an active role in SCAN, one of the industrial laboratories created within the IMT Mines Albi engineering school. SCAN has a focus on the field of VR and supply chain research. The IMT has signed a partnership with Georgia Tech ISyE (Industrial and System Engineering) to pool their work within an Associate International Laboratory. 

Innovative solutions 
Several innovative projects have been developed by our technical teams. One team’s expertise has led to LightHouse, a solution to improve the well-being of visually-impaired people through AI and machine learning.

Fulfilling your potential: special attention

We aim to create an environment where everybody can pursue their passion. This is why we are constantly working to improve the quality of the support we offer to find solutions to your everyday problems. An attentive, protective environment is essential to enable you to develop at your own pace. Every one of us is different and deserves special attention!

Listening to you

Throughout your career and milestones at Scalian, we are committed to listening to our people, through regular contact updates, a feedback report during the onboarding process, in-house surveys and informal discussions. We are not perfect, but overall, the feedback from our employees in our Pulse survey is positive.

A continuous, multi-channel learning approach
The training offered by Scalian Group is a key asset that enables us to consolidate and share knowledge and skills, and make sure they keep pace with market needs. It enables you to develop your skills while accelerating and securing your career progression through professional certification and technical and functional training programmes, whether face-to-face or remotely (virtual classes/e-learning). And every day, the in-house technical teams and specialist communities consolidate the technical advances of our engineers and consultants in the field.

Personalise your career path
The diversity of assignments and activities will enable you to shape your career path. Whether it is geared towards greater expertise or a management role, the main thing is that you find meaning in it and are able to fully express your talent.

Job mobility
And if you feel like moving, we encourage and support job mobility! Remember that throughout your career, you can count on our local management structures, which are on hand to meet your needs.

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