Why Scalian?

Let your talent shine in a group that places the emphasis on specialisation, curiosity and innovation.

Choisir Scalian, c'est rejoindre une équipe enthousiaste et passionnée

Take part in a human adventure!

When you first arrive at Scalian, you will often hear talk about “passion, the mindset of an explorer and solidarity” or the three terms we associate with them: Asserting your talent, Exploring new challenges and Fulfilling your potential. We didn’t invent any of these: our employees chose them.

For anyone who wants to be challenged and dares to take risks, we offer an entrepreneurial adventure. For anyone who is passionate about new technologies, performance improvement, the environment or innovation, join us in consolidating our specialist reputation to accelerate our clients’ transformation projects. Whatever your career plans, we offer you the chance to achieve your individual goals within a group where people, proximity and team spirit enable you to fulfil your potential in a positive environment.

Caroline Nancy, HR Director of the Scalian Group tells us about Scalian

A committed company

But what does this mean in practical terms?

We aim to provide a working environment based on:

  • An identity and culture, a setting that prioritises the enjoyment of working together and a local presence.
  • An in-house training academy that allows everyone to consolidate their skills and improve their knowledge.
  • Specialist communities that enable you to interact with other consultants and share methods and technologies, in order to think outside the box and innovate for yourself and your clients.
  • Tailor-made career paths, based on the development of skills and expertise and the variety of assignments on offer.
  • Attractive HR and social assistance that supports health, safety, work-life balance, flexibility, parenthood and equality in the workplace.


… so why should you come on board?

Because Scalian is a group of specialists with an ambitious development project, focused on innovation and committed to its clients, where you can:

  • Build your own customised career path, varied and tailored to your desires, through the diversity of assignments in your area of expertise and the pathways between professions
  • Learn through the quality of the projects you will be working on, in your speciality, and through the wide range of training courses offered by our in-house Academy
  • Benefit from an attractive social framework that meets everyone’s needs (telework agreements, crèches, social security coverage, flexibility, incentives for sustainable transport options, etc.)
  • Contribute to R&D topics or participate in our in-house projects
  • Be part of a friendly team that knows how to make work fun!

Unleash your potential
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Join passionate men and women.
Develop yourself in an organisation where professionalism and entrepreneurship go hand in hand with kindness and caring.

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