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    3 August 2021

Scalian plante des arbres pour compenser son empreinte carbone

History of the project

In 2019, Scalian Group launched its first carbon offset project, joining forces with Reforest’Action, a specialist in the preservation and restoration of forests in France and around the world.

This voluntary initiative resulted in the planting of 2,100 trees in France, including 1,000 in Le Loiret, 749 in Eure-et-Loir and 351 in Somme. This first reforestation project, combined with carbon credits, resulted in the offsetting of 300 tonnes of CO2.

In 2020, Scalian renewed its commitment to Reforest’Action by planting 1,750 trees in Europe: 250 in Belgium and 1,500 in Spain. This second reforestation project, combined with carbon credits, resulted in the offsetting of 250 tonnes of CO2.

In 2021, Scalian is continuing its work to protect forests with Reforest’Action by planting 2,450 trees in four other countries: 800 in Portugal, 725 in Kenya, 725 in Côte d’Ivoire and 200 in Guinea. These plantations, combined with carbon credits, have resulted in the offsetting of 350 tonnes of CO2.

Scalian joins forces with Reforest'Action

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Reforestation projects

The choice to support reforestation complements our in-house initiatives to reduce emissions as part of our overall environmental strategy. Projects are selected in-house according to their nature, local benefits and location. ​

All the forestry projects supported by Reforest’Action “aim to develop the multifunctionality of forests, and to help generate benefits for the planet and for humanity as a whole. All projects are approached and monitored in close collaboration with technical partners in the field.” Reforest’Action acts within “four typologies of emerged land: forest, urban, agricultural and coastal environments. […] In a desire to improve the quality of [its] forestry projects and to constantly improve [its] approach, [it] wanted to set up the verification of [its] forestry projects by a third party organisation […] Thus, since 2020, Ecocert Environnement has been verifying the reality of Reforest’Action’s forestry projects.” 

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Benefits of reforestation

“Forests are allies of humanity. They are essential to the preservation of social and ecological balances and they provide us with many invaluable services every day. They have a preponderant role for the climate and biodiversity, for the economy…”

A few figures from Reforest’Action: ​

  • Forests and trees absorb the equivalent of some 2 billion tonnes of CO2 each year
  • A quarter of France’s annual greenhouse gas emissions are absorbed by the carbon sink of the French forest
  • The forest plays a vital role in the water cycle. Among other things, it helps cool the air and contributes to rain cloud formation, while purifying the water and retaining it in the soil. 75% of the fresh water available for human use comes from forests.
  • Trees are great allies in the protection of our land, helping among other things to minimise erosion, flooding, high-water events and landslides. The forest soil absorbs 6 times more water than a grassland plot of equal surface area.
  • Trees provide natural fertiliser thanks to the 40% of plant mass that returns to the soil each year

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