Scalian, a group of specialists

Our integration process

For each recruitment, the Scalian Group deploys a selective, transparent process with the focus on support.

Our managers conduct the initial interview. The aim of this meeting is to get acquainted and to present Scalian’s different areas of expertise.

The managers and candidates discuss the Group’s projects. This interview enables us to establish a potential career project according to your aspirations and your ambitions.

The second interview is with the Technical Manager. The aim is to challenge you from a technical point of view and to match your skills with the requirements of our projects.

If your application is successful, you will be offered a job at the end of this interview.

When you arrive in the company, a welcome meeting is organised by your site’s Sales Director. The aim is to present the company’s organisational structure and introduce you to other staff and new recruits. We think that your arrival is worth celebrating!

To build team spirit, we organise several events to bring staff together and keep them up to date on the latest news at Scalian:
The KICK OFF meeting: at the beginning of the financial year, this meeting brings together all the employees from a given region for a Management presentation followed by an evening buffet reception.
The AFTERWORK event: this annual event is organised outside our premises and brings together employees from the same entity for a fun activity. The activity is followed by a buffet reception.
The AWARDS DINNER: at the end of each year, this event brings together all the employees from a given region for an evening ceremony and reception during which awards are presented to the year’s top employees.

We all know that regular follow-up is vital in order to effectively support and retain employees. Scalian has therefore set up a formal follow-up process that is systematically adhered to by the management team:

  1. the Arrival OPEM* – carried out by your Technical Manager during your first 2 months in the job; the meeting aims to ensure that your integration period has has gone smoothly
  2. the Intermediate OPEM –  carried out by the Technical Manager 6 months after the Arrival OPEM; it aims to take stock of your progress and skills development and to establish an intermediate assessment of your work
  3. the RES* OPEM – every year, each employee meets with their Line Manager or their Technical Manager to assess the last twelve months and to discuss future prospects

Scalian has set up a system that aims to ensure each employee has a progress review at least once a year.  (The legal requirement set out in the French Labor Act of 5 March 2014 provides for one interview every two years.) The interview is conducted by your Line Manager. The manager and the employee must prepare for the interview beforehand. The aim of the interview is not so much to assess your performance as to establish your competency level and to discuss your career path and ambitions. It is part of a broader strategic workforce planning policy that aims to position employees in terms of the labour market (both inside and outside the company). The progress review is when employees and their managers discuss ongoing professional training.

* OPEM: Objectives and Performance Establishment Meeting/RES: Re-evaluation of Salary