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We know you always wanted to be a software developer…


Métier d'ingénieur Assurance Qualité Logicielle

In short

We know you always wanted to be a software developer. But we also have a feeling you always had a certain predisposition for work well done, and this brings us to the subject of quality.

Your sense of ethics means you understand, before anyone else, that the quality of a development could save a life, lead to a major discovery, save a company a lot of money, or protect the planet.
Whether it’s one small step for man or a giant leap for mankind, these issues are a major daily concern for our clients. And your role at Scalian will be no less important!

Standards, CMMI models and client specifications will be your personal playground when exploring your assignments. “Houston, we have a problem” would be inconceivable to you. You will also be detecting anomalies and non-conformities, since your talents include the implementation of quality assurance and test management strategies. You know better than us that in this job, even if there is no such thing as zero risk, errors are under control! See what our quality explorers think…

They tell us…

What they like

  • Interacting with exciting and passionate people.
  • Checking that everything is in accordance with standards and norms.

What they like less

  • Chasing time!

What always surprises them

  • There are always new things to discover in my job.

What they recommend to “newbies”

  • Persevere despite the constraints!

To be part of the band, you need:

  • You have to like to explore and always go the extra mile!

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