Become a Java J2EE developer

For men and women alike, being a Java J2EE developer at Scalian is not just about developing or knowing how to code…

Métier d'ingénieur JAVA JEE - Full Stack

In short

For men and women alike, being a Java J2EE developer at Scalian is not just about developing or knowing how to code. It needs to spring from a passion for the vast world of software!

The idea is that you should have an open mind, in all areas, because you will be working with us on an infinite number of subjects. Some will be complex; others will be too simple for your analytical mind and development talents. But let’s get straight to the point: some projects will be really exciting, and we expect you to be curious and ask a lot of questions! Others will perhaps be less riveting, but no less important, because we have to meet all our clients’ demands, don’t we? Anyway, we’ll brainstorm together to get things moving!

In the meantime, find out what our Java J2EE people have to say about it.

They tell us…

What they like

  • The job is very flexible: you can get really involved in the technical side, take part in organising the team, and many other activities…
  • Many of the concepts of this language are found in others, too. So it’s easier to learn new languages.
  • I love those moments when you say “Eureka!” after solving a problem that has been holding you up for a while: you get an immense feeling of satisfaction with ten times the energy boost of an espresso!

What they like less

  • A good language that can do everything, but is rarely the best.
  • Doing, undoing, redoing, undoing again, redoing again… Sometimes you feel like your work has all been for nothing, but if you did it well at least it helped you improve your skills!

What always surprises them

  • No two projects are the same.
  • You never stop learning in development. In practical terms, I’ve never known a day where I haven’t discovered something new, and what amazes me most is that I have no difficulty remembering it.

What they recommend to “newbies”

  • Take the time to learn about your assignment and the best practices that suit you.
  • Don’t be afraid to start slowly! This is often the case with the projects we join; you have to get to know the subject, the technology and the way of working. It’s normal to feel like you’re struggling at first, but little by little you’ll get comfortable, so don’t panic!

To be part of the band, you need:

  • Rigour, curiosity and an ability to share your knowledge and learn from the team.
  • Ideally you need to be passionate, because passionate means curious, resourceful and persevering, which are the essential qualities of a good developer!

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