Become a Supply Chain Quality Engineer

We could say that you are the right man or woman for the job!

Consultant Qualité Supply Chain

In short

We could say that you are the right man or woman for the job! Your role as a pivotal member of the customer team gives you a great deal of responsibility towards its suppliers. Like in handball, you are essential to the organisation of the game or rather to the smooth running of the supply chain.

You are a rigorous person and are very fussy about meeting the customer’s requirements. Your very diplomatic position often takes you into the realm of discussion and negotiation to ensure that things run as they should. You like to argue and explain (diplomacy, we have said!) in a variety of contexts, each time different.

Pragmatic, curious to learn and meet people, you are always where you need to be to guarantee quality and performance to your client. You are the privileged contact for suppliers, whom you support with great care. You are the man or woman who can be trusted!

Even though we know that you love this, we are not going to talk to you about standards or methods here, but we are waiting to meet you so that you can explain to us…. In the meantime, see what our experts in the field think!

They tell us…

What they like

  • Supporting, assisting the supplier in understanding and integrating the customer’s quality requirements.
  • It is always very rewarding to interact with different people in various industrial environments.

What they like less

  • Misunderstandings! We always try to get the right message across in a diplomatic way, but… 

What always surprises them

  • Working in a multicultural environment, discovering new technologies.

What they recommend to “newbies”

  • Always take time to explain, it’s not wasting time, it’s gaining time.

To be part of the band, you need:

  • If you want to do this job, be curious and listen!

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