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Feeling the experience of working at Scalian

Fulfilling your potential

Special attention

Our commitment: to support you in your projects and your daily life

We aim to create an environment where everybody can pursue their passion, whether at a client’s premises or in an agency. This is why we remain watchful and seek to find solutions to all the problems in your everyday lives. We make sure that you can evolve at your own pace, because everyone is different and deserves special attention!

Particular attention is paid to ensuring the quality of our employees’ working life. On the ground, this is built on the quality of relations with management and agencies, and networking between teams, notably through regular meetings and the organisation of in-house events and activities. Our corporate social network promotes cohesion and fosters networking among all our employees.

…and in practical terms?

You will be able to:

  • Grow through our career paths and design your own tailored path, according to your desires for functional or specialist progression, in France or abroad.
  • Benefit from continuous learning through our in-house Academy, which gives more than 1700 face-to-face training sessions per year to more than 50% of our professionals and develops managerial programmes to support your development.
  • Take advantage of our mobility opportunities, whether they relate to a change of assignment, profession or geographical location, by conveying your wishes via your line manager or sharing your expertise and skills on our internal HR platform, the “Gate”.
  • Enjoy social gatherings on assignment or in your agency, whether in-house events (Afterwork/Awards Dinner/Meetup, etc.) or sporting challenges.
  • Benefit from teleworking or skills sponsorship programmes to reconcile your personal commitments and professional fulfilment.