Aerospace APQP: driving competitive advantage

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    2 May 2016

L'aerospace APQP les bonnes pratiques de l'automobile pour plus de performance industrielle

The aeronautics industry is adapting automotive industry best practices to meet industry challenges.

The aeronautics industry is facing new manufacturing challenges due to constantly rising demand coming from clients with increasingly demanding expectations and extremely complex products from a supply chain undergoing a complete transformation.

At a time when competition and profitability drive the market, it is essential that aircraft manufacturers offer mature products for the market within short timeframes and that address customer needs as closely as possible. To do this, in 2012 the aeronautics industry began using a tried and tested automotive industry standard, APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning), drawing inspiration from its methodological framework and the tools necessary to help it reach maturity.

Aerospace APQP was thus created, and has since been standardised as EN 9145:2016. In addition to the structuring of the development cycle that it offers, Aerospace APQP enables manufactures to take direct action to deal with product quality by reducing the process variability and by anticipating risks and potential defects.

Since 2012, Scalian has been assisting the aeronautics construction industry in the drafting and implementation of this new standard in a number of their programmes, thereby helping them reduce concessions by 30% and issues of non-compliance detected in production models by 40%.

APQP processes product quality supply chain
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Benoît Tridon

Industrial Performance Service Line Director