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Le processus de recrutement chez Scalian

A fully transparent approach

The recruitment process is often seen as stressful, so we wanted to explain exactly how it works at Scalian.

Our process is based on several simple steps. You will meet several people in turn: a recruitment officer, a sales manager, a technical manager and an expert. These same contacts will remain in touch with you throughout the recruitment process.
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a diagram to explain the process!

Scalian recruitment process


The common thread running through all these meetings is the pursuit of excellence, fulfilment of commitments and the friendly approach of your contacts, every step of the way.

While we’re not superheroes, we do try to create a welcoming environment in which your voice can be fully heard.

Whether we give you a positive or negative response, we will make it a point of honour to give you detailed and constructive feedback so that you can understand the reasons behind our decision. Whatever the outcome, the recruitment process should be seen as a positive experience for your future!

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