Ethics & Compliance

Ethics is a pillar of our social commitments, promoting integrity and transparency in the conduct of our business and in our daily interactions.

Ethique et compliance chez Scalian

Our ethical principles – integrity, respect, confidentiality, transparency – ensure that we are a Group that inspires trust. 

Scalian Group has a zero tolerance policy on corruption and influence peddling, in whatever form, throughout the Group and all its business activities. ​ ​

Our ethics and compliance system

Our ethics and compliance system includes the following elements:

  • Risk mapping: Helps avoid corruption risks by applying measures to prevent and deal with their impact, learning lessons and analysing risks.
  • Code of conduct: In-house communication document on the company’s commitments and values. The code of conduct contains a section on combating corruption.
  • Due diligence: Enables a preliminary analysis of the context of a transaction with a third party, in order to get to know a potential partner before committing to them. 
  • Accounting controls: Helps detect possible offences based on accounting and financial data or tests on transactions.
  • Training: Continuous, pragmatic and educational training for managers and employees focusing on exposure to corruption risks.
  • Incident-reporting platform: Collects reports of conduct or situations that contravene the company’s code of conduct, while protecting whistleblowers.
  • Disciplinary regime: Provides a reminder of internal disciplinary measures (penalties for anyone violating the code of conduct).
  • Checks and audits: Enables the effectiveness of procedures to be monitored and assessed for follow-up in the form of reporting and adjustment measures.

Reporting platform

Scalian has set up a platform for reporting any acts of corruption. The reporting scheme covers corruption, influence peddling, other offences or fraud, notably regarding accounting, sales, management control and auditing. The platform can be accessed via Scalian’s website or Intranet.​

​In accordance with the legislation in force, the incident reporting platform guarantees total confidentiality as regards the identity of the person(s) reporting an incident, as well as the identity of the persons targeted by the report and of the data concerned.​
No member of Scalian Group shall be sanctioned or discriminated against for having reported an incident in good faith and not motivated by self-interest via Scalian Group’s reporting system or any other reporting platform.​

Reporting can be done in two ways: ​

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Our ethics and compliance framework

Our documents on ethics and compliance serve as a reference base for all members of Scalian Group as regards the practices and principles to be complied with when carrying out the Group’s business activities, as well as all prohibited forms of behaviour that could be considered acts of corruption or influence peddling. ​

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