Become an Agile Coach

Becoming an Agile coach is often the culmination of a successful career.

Métier de coach agile chez Scalian

In short

Becoming an Agile coach is often the culmination of a successful career. At Scalian, this job cuts across different paths and disciplines.

You are the organisation’s Master Yoda; your different interactions ensure continuous compliance with Agile principles and values. You are a consultant and facilitator, simultaneously acting as mentor, trainer and coach. Transmitting knowledge through experimentation (often great fun) is fundamental.

Attitude is important: you demonstrate strong ethical standards in your role, while at the same time showing great benevolence. Helping others progress is key to your innovative and creative approach. This quality enables you to work at all hierarchical levels: you may be training management teams one day, technical teams the next and then working with sales teams the day after: “Be agile!” you were told.

But what do our experts say?

They tell us…

What they like

  • Independence in managing different client projects and varied assignments. 
  • Seeing the astonished look of their contacts during the first workshops! Yes, you can play construction games while working.

What they like less

  • People forget that a coach is not a consultant.

What always surprises them

  • The magic works every time. Yes, you can put a human being at the heart of a system to solve problems! 

What they recommend to “newbies”

  • Practice, learn, practice, learn… 

To be part of the band, you need:

  • To enjoy looking at the big picture, being creative but also rigorous. 

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