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    25 September 2022


Scalian has been chosen to transform the data governance system of the SNCF’s GAÏA tool.

The role of the GAÏA data governance system is to oversee all the mechanisms relating to data quality and sharing at SNCF, in compliance with all the rules relating to confidentiality and security. GAÏA structures and centralises the topological and functional data used in describing the network infrastructure.

GAÏA also includes computing functions such as: the shortest path, distance calculation and, more broadly, algorithms for business rule modelling. GAÏA FAB’, the business entity in charge of managing these data, is responsible for overseeing the description of the railway infrastructure and for providing end users with high levels of data availability and service. Information is secure, consistent, complete and updated against the backdrop of a digital transformation that naturally demands expertise in the areas of business rules and innovation.

With the ongoing urbanisation of the SNCF Réseau IS, which is opening up not only to internal and external clients, but also to the national and European authorities, interoperability has become essential, along with the notion of the data repository. One of the main challenges facing GAIA Fab’ is therefore to control the quality of data throughout the operating cycle for processing and distribution. By optimising and industrialising data development and production, GAIA should be able to provide a faster response to requests made at the Customer Desk and to experiment with new opportunities.

This is why SNCF chose SCALIAN to support it in achieving this objective.

The main strength of Scalian’s response lies in the complementarity of its expertise in transformation, performance and its knowledge of the railway sector. This complementarity made it possible to take into account the business, digital, security and organisational components of the project.

Through these activities, SCNF is seeking to strengthen its value proposition through the contribution of digital technology and to develop new services, while taking into account the organisational impacts. Scalian will therefore be taking part in an ambitious transformation project alongside the SNCF. This project, which illustrates the richness of its specialities, demonstrates its ability to propose innovative offers to its clients.

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