Reforesct’Action: the 2022-2023 planting campaign

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    20 January 2023

Reforestaction projet 2022

Scalian continues its mobilisation for the 4th consecutive year

In 2022, as it has since 2019, the Scalian group is committed to carbon neutrality contribution programmes (carbon offsetting) with Reforest’Action, a forestry specialist.

For this new campaign, the Scalian group is taking action in 3 areas:

Tree planting

  • 550 trees were financed by Scalian in Saint-Amans-Soult, in France’s Tarn region (81), on a plot of spruce trees that were victims of an insect attack, the bark beetles. This project led by Reforest’Action has a total of 8,136 trees that will restore, diversify and fortify the stand to face future climatic and biological hazards. Once mature, the stand will also be useful for timber production.
  • An additional 550 trees were funded by Scalian on agricultural land in Manhay Grand Menil, in Belgium. This overall project introduces 1,700 trees into the landscape with the aim of forming lineaments and thus improving soil fertility. As natural windbreaks, the hedges provide islands of coolness and sometimes food for grazing animals.

Carbon offsetting

Scalian is offsetting 200 tonnes of CO2 by purchasing 200 VCS certified carbon credits from a forest conservation project in Labréa, Brazil.

Participation in a French project labelled Low-Carbon by the Ministry of Ecological Transition

In addition, and for the first time, Scalian is participating in the financing of an afforestation project in Seine-Maritime, benefiting from the Low-Carbon Label, issued by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. The overall project aims to afforest more than ten hectares of former agricultural land. This project will contribute to the storage of more than 3,400 tonnes of CO2 equivalent over the next 30 years. Scalian’s participation will enable 100 tonnes of CO2 equivalent to be stored over the next 30 years thanks to the 450 trees planted for this project.

Created by the Ministry of Ecological Transition with the collaboration of many partners, the Low-Carbon Label aims to contribute to the reduction of France’s national carbon footprint by encouraging the development of projects in all diffuse sectors: forestry, agriculture, transport, building, etc.

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