Human enhancement: promising possibilities

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    2 August 2022

L'humain augmenté, déjà une réalité

The prospect of a digital bubble for human operators

Industrial manufacturing processes are rapidly developing in complexity, but are lacking a mobile solution tailored to humans working on the ground. Humans, however, are at the heart of the manufacturing process and their levels of skill and requirements rise in tandem with the increasing complexity of their tasks (production, assembly, maintenance, training, etc.).

The human environment is being digitized and humans must also learn to work with digital solutions that are tailored to their trades. Adopting a “baby steps” approach, beginning by prototyping usage, enables development towards industrialised solutions that are viable for Augmented Operators, where end users remain at the heart of the decision-making process regarding technologies that they can accept.

Scalian has launched mature solutions for specific uses:

  • Guidance and navigation in a complex or unknown environment,
  • Security control and hands-free documentation access,
  • Remote expert support,
  • Reinforced security with connected PPEs.

With an ecosystem of smart wearable objects and NFC devices, we are experiencing the growth of a “digital bubble” for human operators. This “bubble” focuses primarily on security and skills enhancement of the operator who is connected to an information system, ultimately enhancing industrial performance.

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David Cherel

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