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  • Innovation

    25 September 2022


As part of the support provided for a major player in the aeronautical sector, Scalian Lab teams and consultants regularly lead Innovation workshops on the theme of the “Quality of the Future”.

During one of these workshops, the head of the “Industrial Proposals and Estimates” department shared an idea for a concept with high added value. The aim is to make it easier to update the database of supplier proposals by automating the entire process, from reception of the estimate through to the updating of the database, thus allowing staff to concentrate on other activities – with greater added value.

Taking up the challenge, the Lab has designed a technology brick by the name of EASYBOX. Based on artificial intelligence, this dedicated solution is able to automate the mass processing of documents with different formats and layouts.

Using Smart Capture and IDR (Intelligent Data Recognition) technologies, EASYBOX is able to process any type of document, extracting and recognising the content for injection into a database.

The solution was presented at the “Proof of Concept” stage in September. Reliable and easy to use, with AI for a short learning curve, it quickly convinced our client. This EASYBOX solution can be easily transposed to other applications. Given the wide range of possibilities, the objective now is to provide EASYBOX to clients who will be able to use this solution to boost their competitiveness and productivity.

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Antoine Delugeau

Project Performance Service Line Director