Scalian Group assessments and ratings

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    4 August 2021

The commitment and performance of Scalian Group are regularly recognised through ratings and assessments. ​

EcoVadis rating

Scalian Group was assessed in 2020 on the social responsibility of its practices, through the EcoVadis platform. We achieved a score of 64/100 and reached Silver level, a 25-point increase from our first assessment in 2017.

Assessments by our clients

Scalian Group is assessed by its clients throughout the year. In 2019, our client SIEMENS carried out a CSR audit for which Scalian Group obtained Grade 1 with 100% compliance on all topics (labour, wages, hours, health & safety, management system, environment, business ethics). In 2020, Scalian was able to demonstrate that its level of commitment and standards remained unchanged. ​

In 2020, Scalian was assessed by SFR and obtained an overall score of 86 out of 100, with the highest CSR rating and a position above the average of equivalent companies. For our client ATR, the 2020 audit, according to the PART 21 section Subpart J and EN9100 standards, found no deviations for Scalian.

Notations et évaluations de Scalian par EcoVadis et nos clients

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