AFEP solution

Advanced front-end processor (AFEP): the gateway for military and civil air traffic control centres.

We simplify complex transmissions

AFEP is an example of our ability to deal with complex high-criticality communicating systems.

We design specific solutions for demanding environments.

We market our solutions and upgrade them over time.

The AFEP, Scalian’s solution for air traffic control centres

Our approach

AFEP: a proven and recognised solution

In use in various European countries, our product offers a generic, flexible, configurable and easy-to-use tool for military and civil air traffic control centres. It is capable of interfacing messages between ACCS LOC1 and civil ATC networks. It enables transmissions that are more in line with military standards while simplifying them.

Solution advantages

The AFEP’s HMI makes it a highly configurable gateway. All settings entered by operators have an impact on the current configuration. Ergonomically, the AFEP provides a database for saving all messages received and transmitted during the process. As the AFEP has been deployed in the DARS (NATO’s command and control system), the configuration changes whenever the DARS is moved.

Our method

We observe the strict application of processes that satisfy different levels of criticality.

We can work on end-to-end solutions for civil or military ATC centres, ensuring their security and updating them over time.

AFEP characteristics

  • Conversion: Standards / Message types / Protocols
  • Visualisation: Status line monitoring / Receive and transmit queues
  • Operator capabilities: Offline data management / Conversion settings window / Configuration changes

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