Strategy, Consulting, Digital

Business sectors


ECM Processes

Assignment: Mapping, modelling and digitisation of ECM processes. IS planning and architecture, governance and organisation of new digital data.

Support & Maintenance

Assignment: Support and maintenance (upgrades and corrective) of the application for managing plans and results from programme tests.


Assignment: Integration, verification and validation of critical software partitions for the Helionix avionics suite (cockpit) for the EC175 and certification support.

Plane of the future

Assignment: Implementation of open technologies to define new interfaces for the cockpit of the plane of the future.


Assignment: Maintenance in operational condition of the middleware for the Cockpit Display Unit platform (A380, A400M, ATL2, RRJ, SMD88NG, ATR, S76).


Assignment: Vibration analysis of the inertial unit of the AIRBUS A350.


Assignment: Software development for real time video acquisition board, H264, MJPEG (ffmepg, Live555).


Assignment: Development of the symbol display interface for the combat HMSD (Helmet Mounted Sight and Display).

Optronics benches

Assignment: Software development for generic optronics test benches: control software and test sequencing software.


Assignment: Surveillance of airport area: land-based automated drones to monitor airport areas at night.

Test bench

Assignment: Creation of test bench equipment (HW + SW) enabling real-time interaction of avionics tests located on remote sites.

Critical embedded software

Assignment: Design and development of a critical avionics embedded software integration test bench.

HIL bench

Assignment: Development of a HIL aerospace bench COTS Solutions.

Predictive analytics solution

Assignment: Design of a predictive analytics solution to anticipate supplies, streamline inventory/production orders and reduce order-delivery cycle times.


Assignment: Identification and management of substitutes for hazardous substances (REACH) in the avionics systems design office.

Management System Integration

Assignment: Integration of a management system to ensure compliance with EN9100, EN9110, ISO14001, Part 21 and Part 145.

Quality Management System

Assignment: Structuring of the Quality Management System of the development and e-Services department.

Quality & Delivery Performance

Assignment: Crisis management/catch-up plan with suppliers due to poor quality & delivery performance. Implementation of a short-term action plan then improvement plan.

CNES Standards Compliance

Assignment: Compliance with CNES standards and applicable IOS9001, ISO14001 and OHAS 18001 standards.

Industrial Performance

Assignment: Securing the transfer of manufacturing from the PAG production site to the PCC site in the US (risk assessment, capacity analysis, industrial capability evaluation).

A350XWB & A320 NEO

Assignment: Management of non-quality on A350XWB and A320 NEO nacelles (QN and exemptions).

Supply Chain Quality

Assignment: Selection, qualification and monitoring of the AIRBUS Supply Chain: suppliers of equipment, engines, aero-structures, parts & materials.

Quality Assurance

Assignment: Quality assurance for system and software developments for control centres, mission centres and satellite ground-segment simulators (ECSS Q80 & E40).

X9 Programme

Assignment: Audit of the X9 Programme: Programme organisation / Programme tree-structure (XBS) / Integrated planning /Financial monitoring & EVM.

Business Improvement

Assignment: Deployment of all business KPIs in the Tech Data field: Definition and analysis of the initial context / Deployment strategy / Change-management support.

Financial Performance

Assignment: Financial control for the Ariane 6 and LEAP programmes: Management of annual financial objectives / Consolidation of French-German margins / Establishment of completion budgets / Contract management.

SAP Module

Assignment: Deploy a specific SAP module for tracking programme costs: Harmonising processes for managing costs/expenses / Analysis of impacts linked to the deployment / Management of functional tests / Deployment of pilot programmes.

Services & Administration

Connected Cash-Register

Assignment: Study of connected cash-register solutions (classic registers, tablet applications for retailers and related accessories).

Support Services for Banking Sector

Assignment: Support services for a programme to improve individual and collective performance based on a cultural diagnosis.

Implementation of Agile Processes

Assignment: Support for the implementation of Agile processes, with a view to improving the management of the method and its implementation (Postal Services).

IT: Functional Solutions

Assignment: Drafting of specifications for EDM project (Truck Rental with Driver Operator). Digitisation of processes. Deployment, governance and change-management plan.

Processes & Applications Mapping

Assignment: Mapping of processes and applications to make business expectations consistent with monitoring constraints (Yellow Pages).

Processes & Test Tools for Agile Management Projects

Assignment: Implementation of processes and test tools for agile-management projects in the digital department for a services provider for all gaming and lottery operators.

Chambers of Agriculture Intranet

Assignment: Recovery and TPAM of an intranet grouping together various chambers of agriculture, unifying the local intranets and establishing itself as the reference site for agricultural news.

 Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME)

Assignment: Recovery and maintenance of the regulatory declaration portal concerning 6 recycling sectors (WEEE, Fluoride gases, Batteries, Used vehicles, Tyres, Furnishings): declaration of the quantities placed on the market and associated recycling/collection plans.

Redesign of the IT Infrastructures

Assignment: Complete redesign of the IT infrastructure with migration of VMs, data, applications, backup and activity-continuation plan, network optimisation (Access to housing Organization).

Network Operations Control

Assignment: Network operations control (equipment availability, operations and Incident management) for postal services.

Software Development Reference System

Assignment: Definition and operational implementation of a software development reference system (cycle and process).

Business Improvement

Assignment: Redefinition of missions and the organisation of a division, further to increased regulatory constraints:
Analysis of the initial context / Definition of a blueprint / Deployment of a new organisational structure / Support for teams and management (Organization enabling members to save in the best possible tax, legal and financial framework).

Training in Agile methods

Assignment: Design and delivery of introductory sessions on Scrum and Kanban methodologies.

Agile implementation (non-IT)

Assignment:  Improvement of the operational efficiency of a management back office through the implementation of the Scrum methodology.

Reorganisation of the R&D PMO

Assignment: Reorganisation of the R&D PMO (~ 4,000 pers.): Analysis of the PMO process / Implementation – Deployment / Change management (Management company for the distribution and sale of travel services).


Mobile Device

Assignment: Mobile access to technical documentation to validate the compliance of boats.

Multiphysics Simulation

Assignment: Sizing of a pyrotechnical building for destroying old chemical weapons.


Assignment: Validation of the sizing of the canards of the SPERWER B drone (horizontal stabilisers at the front of the drone).

Generic Test Bench

Assignment: Development of a generic test bench for defence and aerospace.

Marine-Scene Simulator

Assignment: Marine-scene simulator for sizing and designing maritime surveillance systems.

Sonar Simulator

Assignment: Sonar simulator of underwater scenes.

European Control Centre Service Centre (flight plan, radar, safety nets)

Assignment: Complete ATC centre renovation in Greece / ESCAPE Simulator: development, maintenance and simulation support / NATO Command Centre / Specification and Validation / AFEP product: civil – military coordination (licences and support).

Quality Assurance

Assignment: Quality assurance for critical avionics software development (DO 178B DAL A & B) for engine control systems, inertial units and flight management systems.

Operational Governance

Assignment: Flash diagnosis as part of the implementation of an Industrial Planning schedule: Status review – Interviews / Needs definition / Recommendation concerning the choice of tool.

Financial Control for the Ariane 6 & LEAP Programmes

Assignment: Management of annual financial objectives – Consolidation of French-German margins – Establishment of completion budgets – Contract management.


Security Software (SIL4)

Assignment: Development and validation of security software (SIL4) on the ground and on board for automated underground and mainline trains.

Real-time Linux Board Support Package

Assignment: Production of a real-time Linux Board Support Package (BSP) on Coldfire architecture integrating real-time support (full RT patch) for the rail sector.

Inspection of railway tracks

Assignment: Fleet of aerial drones to assess the state of overhead wires & tracks without disrupting traffic.

CBTC and ATS specification and modelling

Assignment: CBTC and ATS specification and modelling for automated underground train system . Service centres for integration, validation and verification of ATS product U400 / U500 and underground projects.

Deployment of financial management for the OURAGAN programme

Assignment: Deployment and training of users / Implementation and monitoring of optimisation projects concerning the programme organisation for Station projects / Management of the “Ticketing IS” and “Traveller IS” project portfolios.


Mercedes Worldwide ERP Redesign 

Assignment: Development of applications as part of the redesign of the Mercedes worldwide ERP: Campaigns and negotiations with distributors, repurchase of vehicles, accreditations, registrations and certificates.

Audits of the Quality System

Assignment: Audits of the Quality System and the industrial maturity of production sites.

Data Value

Assignment: Benchmarking, choice of solution. Design & Build a multi-criteria real-time search solution for marketing. Creation of the strategy to generalise the solution to the whole company.

Automotive Multimedia & Video-Projection Solution

Assignment: Integration of Scalian Miracast software pile for automotive multimedia and video-projection solution.

Mobile Solution

Assignment: Mobile solution for checking quality perceived by a “non-quality-expert” operator.

Energy & Environment


Assignment: Analysis of the impact of digitising customer files related to the collection of industrial waste.

Digitisation of Customer Files

Assignment:  Digitisation of administrative processes linked to waste collection.

Data Integration

Assignement: Specific development concerning the integration of data from the dairy-sector and management of mandatory surveys among milk producers and purchasers.


Assignment: Simulation of falls concerning transport packaging for radioactive waste.

Multiphysics Simulation

Assignment: Development of a configured, automated business tool for the thermal sizing of a nuclear parcel-storage hall.


Assignment: Augmented reality system for training welders working on pressurised networks.

Augmented Reality System

Assignment: Learn’n’Play: augmented reality system for training operators, lock-out of high-voltage networks.

System for Electrical Pylons Identification

Assignment: System for identifying high voltage electricity pylons for helicopter co-pilots.


Assignment: Simulator for accidental underwater hydrocarbon leaks (oil, gas, LNG) from offshore wells or pipelines.

Module for predicting the drift of surface pollution

Assignment: Module for predicting the drift of surface pollution through the processing of images from aircraft or satellites.

Recovery and maintenance of the regulatory declaration portal

Assignment: Recovery and maintenance of the regulatory declaration portal concerning 6 recycling sectors (WEEE, Fluoride gases, Batteries, Used vehicles, Tyres, Furnishings): Declaration of the quantities placed on the market and associated recycling/collection plans.

Development of Web & Mobile Applications

Assignment: Development of web and mobile applications to support the risk prevention policy by facilitating the transmission of information to employees and encouraging feedback from the field.

Tablet Application

Assignment: Treatment of incidents on a tablet application onboard industrial waste collection trucks.

Supervision & Maintenance

Assignment: Supervision and maintenance of the servers through incident management tools, monthly reporting, and supervision.

Evaluation of Project Management Practices

Assignment: Evaluate the management maturity of project stakeholders / Present the current practices in use / Identify obstacles to avoid.


Data-Collection Solutions

Assignment: Benchmarking real-time, industrial data-collection solutions. Processing, analysis and reporting regarding key regulatory indicators.

Oncology Research

Assignment: Design and creation of a data analysis solution for structured and non-structured data, in order to combine the data with known markers in order to achieve innovative and more reliable screening and to identify new treatment possibilities.

QMS Implementation

Assignment: Support in implementing a QMS according to ICHQ10 & ISO9001 standards.

Enterprise Performance

Assignment: Improvement of the production-process performance through an approach based on ergonomics & occupational safety (VSM, running workshops).

Application Audit of Cardiologists’ Training Tool

Assignment: Analysis of the tools and processes / Definition of digitisation scenarios / Facilitating and supporting change.

Improvement & Digitisation of Processes for Drafting Medical Guidelines

Assignment: Analysis of the processes / Definition of digitisation scenarios / Facilitating and supporting change.



Assignment: Competitive benchmarking of General-Public market segment offers (ADSL Fibre, mobile internet access).

Financial Analysis

Assignment: Financial analysis of the profitability of Special Number Services on a cross-functional level.

New Order-Taking Features

Assignment: Studies and specifications for new order-taking features for the multi-service offers: land-line, mobile and Internet.

Guiding & Navigation System

Assignment: Porting the “Here” guiding and navigation system to a augmented reality headset.

Open Source TV Middleware Solution

Assignment: Wyplay Frog Partner.

Development, Validation, Integration of Encoding Products

Assignment: Development, Validation, Integration of encoding products (Internet TV, IPTV and mobile). Instantiation of an Architecture acceleration board Windows/Linux SW porting.

Streaming Expertise

Assignment: Expertise in streaming (HLS, Microsoft smooth streaming….).

Embedded Access Control System

Assignment: Integration/development of embedded access control system (STB, Android, iOS).

Embedded Systems for TV Decoders

Assignment: Expertise in Linux development and integration for embedded systems for TV decoders.

Massive Multichannel Messages Solution

Assignment: Support concerning the choice of technologies and implementing a solution for sending massive multichannel messages. Major scalability and real-time reprocessing challenges.

Smart Data Dashboard

Assignment: Measurement of user traffic paths by exploiting logs (multichannel analysis per user) making it possible to improve the design of web and mobile applications.

Level-2 Technical Support

Assignment: Level-2 technical support for operators of land-line data and voice services.

Platforms and Tools Integration

Assignment: Integration of platforms and tools offering end-users the opportunity to manage a cloud environment.