IAM-PKI the new safeguards for communications with satellite systems

  • Tech

    28 July 2022

sécurisation des communications satellitaires

The transformation of the space-satellite market is forcing the long-standing players in the sector to reinvent themselves.

With this in mind, one of these companies wants to submit a proposal to ESA (European Space Agency) concerning the integration of technological innovations and major operational developments into new programmes.

These principles mean increasing ground-to[1]air information exchanges, and these must therefore be secured. Information security is becoming an essential aspect in designing these complex systems, and cybersecurity is thus a key issue.

Scalian was commissioned to produce presentation materials for targeted innovative technologies and to define the corresponding preliminary architectures for the ground segment. A central aspect of the proposals is the IAM (Identity and Access Management) and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) concepts, which are highly innovative in terms of security. Consequently, Scalian designed the preliminary identity management architecture, produced the related technical documents, and the sales arguments aimed at ESA, in compliance with GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) regulatory requirements.

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